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Oh, the wonderful land of duochromes and multichromes. In the indie world, there are quite a few options for duochromes and multichromes, and it can be hard to decide where to start because they are all so beautiful. But one brand I definitely recommend checking out is Surreal Makeup. Her pigments are hand mixed, and they have some of the most beautiful shifts I have seen! In fact, her Dragon Scales collection is on my wishlist; I absolutely love dragons, and the shades in the collection – along with the names – have my heart!

The Surreal Makeup Interstellar Collection. These are all handmade, too!!!! Swatched over their Eye Primer.

Please note: Surreal Makeup sent these products to me for review. All opinions are my own!

Location: based in the USA

Price Range: $10 – $154 (for sets)

I used Andromeda from the Interstellar Collection all over the lid for this look.

Shipping: Free domestic shipping for orders over $35; ships within 3 business days; international shipping available

Bestsellers: the Eye Primer, Mermaid pigment, and Ruby liquid lipstick

Apologies for the lighting in this picture – there was a period earlier this year where the clouds would just not go away. I used Polaris for this look.

Products to Check Out: Their setting spray!

Other: Cruelty Free and Vegan. The products are also hypoallergenic and water resistant.

Our Thoughts: Let me start with the multichromes in this Interstellar collection. These are just beautiful. I absolutely love them, and every time I pick them up to do a look I feel really inspired by the shifts within each shadow. I never would have thought to do such a bright yellow/green look like the one below, but the shadow just led me there.

A look using the Meteor pigment.

The pigments also really pop on the eyes. It’s hard to capture on camera, but in person, you can absolutely see the shift when you tilt your head from side to side. They are also extremely metallic when layered over the Eye Primer.

Swatches of the Surreal Makeup Interstellar Collection. Shades, from top to bottom: Comet, Vega, Milky Way, Ursa Major, Meteor, Prometheus, Polaris, and Andromeda. Swatched over the Eye Primer.

I loved doing cut creases with these shadows. In fact, generally, when I use duochrome or multichrome pigments such as these, I tend to stay with cut creases as they are just easier for me to handle. I also found, though, that these pigments blended out beautifully as well. In the look below, I tapped the eye primer over my lid, used a flat brush to apply the pigment in Ursa Major, and then used what remained on the brush after applying the shadow all over the lid to kind of diffuse out the edges. The end result was a very pretty blended out look, which I had actually never before attempted to do with pigments!

The “diffused” look with Ursa Major. The transition looks harsher than it was – I was really frustrated when I was taking pictures of this look because I couldn’t capture the gradient well at all. I will be doing this type of gradient look more often for sure, though.

Finally, let me talk about the eye primer. If you have been following us for a while, you know that I am a huge fan of the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. Therefore, when I received the Surreal Makeup eyeshadow primer, I was really curious as to how they would compare. And honestly, between the two, I do not know which one I prefer. The Surreal Makeup Eye Primer does have a slight scent to it, but it doesn’t irritate my eyes at all – and I am extremely sensitive to fragrance. In every single swatch in this post and in every single look in this post, I used the Eye Primer with zero issues. I really, really love it.

The Surreal Makeup Interstellar Collection, along with their eyeshadow primer!

The Eye Primer comes in a pot (pictured above) and you barely need the tiniest amount for the lid space. You can also layer multiple layers of the shadows over the primer and it will lock it all in place. I find that I generally do two thin layers of the duochrome or multichrome shadow to get it to really pop, though this is true of any “glitter primer” I have every tried, including Pixie Epoxy. I usually use a flat brush to pack the shadow on. You do need to give it a little bit to dry down before curling your lashes, though, like I do, to make sure that your curler won’t rub off the shadow.

You can even do more “neutral” looks with these pigments! I used Comet for this look.

And there you have it! I do recommend checking out Surreal Makeup. They are more on the pricey side for indies, but their products are well worth the money in my opinion – I do plan on making a few future purchases myself. You also get a ton of product per shadow, so you won’t be running out any time soon. The same is true of the Eye Primer, perhaps even more so. As always, please leave any questions below, and we’ll see you in the next one!

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