Sweat Cosmetics: Brand Profile

Brand Name: Sweat Cosmetics

Price Range: $8 (replacement brush head for twist brush) – $160 (complete set of all products)

Located In: Denver, Colorado

Shipping: They ship worldwide! 

Best Sellers: Their powder foundation that has spf 30 and the option to come in a twist brush to apply on the go.

Vegan? Cruelty Free?: They are Cruelty Free and Gluten Free 

A look I did wearing the foundation and illuminator

Our Thoughts: 

I got so excited when I discovered this brand on Instagram. This is one of the only brands I’ve actually reached out to to review products instead of the other way around, because I thought their brand concept was so cool, I wanted to share my thoughts on it! This is a brand was founded by 5 pro athletes, including an olympic gold medalist. Some of them are now busy mothers on top of working full time, so they created this brand to cater to women on the go, whether they be NCAA pro soccer players or busy multitasking moms.

My very first instinct upon discovering this brand is first of all, what’s different about makeup for athletes, and second of all, why do athletes need makeup? Then I thought back to my competitive swimming days, where I would head straight from 6 am practice to school, and then back to practice after school some days. I always had my chlorine scented hair in a messy bun with no makeup, and I would’ve loved a product like this that can easily transition from gym to school. I currently work full time in sports for a baseball team managing creative services like graphics, photography, and social media. Some days I work from 9 am to 11 pm, with no time to stop and touch up. I was excited to see how this product would last for those long hours and live up to it’s name, not get messy or patchy when I became sweaty. My expectations were met with flying colors.

I’m wearing the powder foundation in this photo

Sweat Cosmetics was kind enough to send me a few products – their illuminator in a twist brush, a jar of their powder foundation, and a few of their Cleansing Towelettes. I’ve been testing all of these for the past few months in a variety of environments. Here is my skin after 14 hours of wearing the Powder Foundation and Illuminator. I mainly want to point out that after that long a day, the foundation hasn’t settled into any lines or gotten patchy. Also the illuminator is still… illuminating.

I’ll start with the star of the show for me – the powder foundation. As someone with dry skin, I’m cautious about powder foundation making me look patchy or like a sack of flour hit me in the face. The first few times I used this, I applied way too much because it felt like nothing was on. It pretty much melted into my skin and perfected any unevenness but not looking powdery or heavy at all. It felt so light, like my skin could breathe. This foundation also has SPF 30 in it, which you shouldn’t replace your regular SPF with, but adds an extra layer of protection. Also, the jar packaging is so awesome. It has one of those mesh dispensers so you tap your brush and pick up product without making a mess or overloading your brush. There’s also an option to get this in a twist brush dispenser, and they sell foundation refills. My one criticism of the foundation is that it could come in more shades. I understand that powder foundations have the ability to blend better and fit a wider range of tones, but in my opinion their range could go deeper by 2-3 shades.

I’ve also been carrying around the Illuminator in “Gleam On” since I got it. They also have a bronzer version, but the Illuminator is a highlighter. It’s subtle with a transparent base, so virtually any skintone could rock this. It also has SPF 25 in it, for more protection from the sun. This is so pretty and natural, and just gives your skin a kiss of sheen and illumination. This is a beautiful finishing touch to a natural, on the go look. It just adds that healthy, dewy glow. This also comes in a twist brush dispenser, which I love. It’s less stuff for me to carry around, and the dispensing is very controllable so you don’t get surprise blasted with illuminator. The brush is also magnetic so it pops off easily for cleaning.

They also sent me a handful of facial cleansing wipes. I also do boxing, and put these in my bag for after practice to rinse off my face before heading out, because after a long day and then heavily sweating for a few hours, I want to cool my face off and clean it. To be transparent, this is not a product I would buy. I carry around face wash when I head to the gym and just quickly rinse my face off. I don’t love wipes like this for 2 reasons – they usually leave my skin feeling a bit sticky, and they create unnecessary waste. A part of the reason that I love the first two products is because they give you the option of a reusable dispenser that functions as a brush and is completely refillable, which reduces waste. I’m huge on doing every thing I can on reducing any and all waste, and the benefits of face wipes like this aren’t enough to justify the waste. I could see these being better for people who go from the gym to work or school without getting a chance to go home and truly clean off.


This is one of those brands that I’m just happy exists. I can tell that the creators care about and believe in the products that they’re creating. As someone who’s been an athlete for most of my life, as well as someone who is really busy and works a lot (too much. help), I appreciate products that are easy to apply, last long, and look great. I don’t have to worry about what this looks like throughout the day, because I know it will stay in place and look good, without feeling heavy. I also want to point out that I was sent these products about 2 months ago, and have been wearing the products almost every day since. I want to test them thoroughly, but also just really love the products and just tend to reach for them. My 5-10 minute morning makeup now consists of a few dabs of Glossier stretch concealer, then the Sweat Cosmetics Powder Foundation, followed by a bit of bronzer and the Sweat Illuminator. I run a brow gel through my brows and if I have time, do an eye look. It leaves my skin looking natural but fresh and healthy. I could live without the cleansing towelettes, but the foundation and illuminator have become daily staples for me.

*These products were sent to me for review, but this post is not sponsored and all opinions are our own.

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