Sydney Grace Co. Autumn’s Reign Palette: 3 Looks 1 Palette

Hey y’all. Today is another 3 looks 1 palette! I used the Sydney Grace Autumn’s Reign Palette for this one. It’s a great palette: the mattes blend beautifully and the metallics are just stunning. They are the types of shadows that need one swipe, nothing more. 

A quick aside. This is a really good time for y’all to shop your stash and use what you have. While it’s great to support indies, especially at this time, there are ways that you can do so without spending money. Using what you have is one of those ways, especially when you can then make an informed review somewhere online (or tell an acquaintance about your favorite indie products and why you love them!). 

With that being said, here are the three looks I created! If you’d rather watch them, check out the IGTV version of this post here!

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Look 1: Blue and Green Shimmer

I’ve been really liking all over shimmer looks (I honestly never thought I would say that, I used to hate shimmer eyeshadow) and I really wanted to create a colorful, easy eye. For this look, I took Fallen Splendor, a beautiful medium-toned neutral green metallic and put it all over my lid with my finger. I also brought it up a little in the crease. Then, I blended out the edges. One of the great things about the Sydney Grace Co. metallic formula is that it maintains its shine even when it is blended out. It also applies great and stays metallic when applied with a brush, which is what I did with the shade Moonlit Kingdom. I took a flat blending brush and packed Moonlit Kingdom, a stunning navy metallic, onto the outer corner and into the outer half of my crease.

I also made sure that the green and the blue shades blended together by tapping a bit of Moonlit Kingdom in the center of where the two shades met. I also dragged Moonlit Kingdom onto the outer half of my lower lash line and then placed a black liner in the lower waterline to complement where I placed the blue. This look was so fast and easy to create, I definitely would recommend playing with some all-shimmer looks if you’re in a rush to get ready in the morning.

Look #2: Purple and Gold Halo

This look I created to fulfill a request someone had for a purple and gold look. I used the lighter purple matte, Countess, all over my crease and then packed the darker purple matte, Brilliant Realm into the inner and outer corner. Brilliant Realm is not my favorite shade in the palette, but with lots of blending and packing, blending and packing, it did the job. I find that it works better with a denser brush, so there’s that! I think my main issue, to be honest, is that I would have preferred a deeper purple in the palette, but no matter. The formula still blends excellently. 

I then used the beautiful gold metallic, Golden Scepter in the very center of my lid. I dragged Brilliant Realm on the outer half of my lashline and used Countess to blend it out in order to complete the look. Purple and gold is not a combination I go for very frequently, but I actually ended up really liking this look! It’s like a soft colorful eye, and I would definitely wear it again.

Look #3: Coral Graphic Liner

I can’t stop with the graphic liner. I absolutely love it and these types of minimalist but colorful looks make me feel like myself (along with the general one-neutral-shadow-all-over-the-lid look that I wear day to day). For this look, I started with the sharp shape in the outer corner of my eye. I used the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy to create the shape that I wanted for the red metallic shade, Amber Jewels. I love using Pixie Epoxy for looks like this because it allows me to get really precise lines without having to go in after to do a ton of clean up with concealer. This is why I used it even with the Sydney Grace Co. formula, which definitely does not need the Pixie Epoxy otherwise to get the full impact of the metallic shades. I also make sure that I close and open my eyes regularly during this process to make sure the shape looks nice no matter what position my eyes are in because I have hooded eyes. 

After laying down the Pixie Epoxy, I packed on Amber Jewels with a flat packer brush. Then, I took Supreme Harvest, and BEAUTIFUL corally-red matte, and my favorite shade in the palette for sure, on a pencil brush and started sketching out the semi-circle that connects with the Amber Jewels shape. I used a light hand at first, because Sydney Grace Co. mattes are quite pigmented and I wanted to make sure I was placing it right, and then went over it a second time for full opacity. I left the lower lash line blank in order to ensure that the upper lid really popped. I absolutely LOVED this look and I kinda want to recreate it with all the different color shades in the palette (brown, gold, green, blue, and purple). What do y’all think?

P.S. look at those curled lashes courtesy of the Twinkle Apothecary eye tint!!!!

And there you have it! Three looks using the Sydney Grace Autumn’s Reign palette. Once again, I used just over half of the shades in the palette (8/15), so imagine just how many looks you could create with this one palette! There are endless combinations – what are some that you would put together?

As always, let me know if you’ve got any requests for content. During this time, we are going to try to put out as much as we can to help people escape from what is happening with COVID-19, even if it’s just for a short time. Wash your hands, stay inside, and please stay safe everyone. 

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