Sydney Grace Co.: Brand Profile

If there are OG indie brands, Sydney Grace Co. is definitely one of them! I was so excited when they released their Autumn Reign palette, and I knew it was the perfect opportunity to finally try out a brand that has been known for their amazing eyeshadows for years!

Swatches of the Sydney Grace Co. Autumn’s Reign palette

Brand Based In: Butte County, CA, USA

Price Range: $5 – $52

Shipping: ship with USPS First Class. International prices based on weight.

Best-Seller: The Greatest Gift, Golden Rose, and their recent military-themed collection!

The Sydney Grace Co. Autumn’s Reign palette

Owner’s Favorites: Princess Pay Pay (eyeshadow) and Duchess (highlighter)

Other: Cruelty Free and Paraben Free

The outer packaging of the Sydney Grace Co. Autumn’s Reign palette.

Our thoughts: As I mentioned, I had been wanting to try the Sydney Grace Co. eyeshadow formula for quite a while when they released the Autumn’s Reign palette, so I picked it up! And now I can confirm that everything you have heard about Sydney Grace Co. shadows is absolutely true. The mattes basically blend themselves and build up to a gorgeous level of pigmentation. They are extremely easy to work with because they build up so well, so you can start with a very small amount of shadow and build it up slowly to the intensity you desire. Because of this, I have never found that I use too much too fast.

This look is one of my favorites that I’ve created using this palette! I used Golden Scepter, Majestic Breeze, and Moonlit Kingdom!

The metallics are just incredible. I usually dab them on my eye with a finger, or layer them with the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy out of habit, but it really isn’t necessary. In the following picture, I didn’t use the Pixie Epoxy at all, just used my finger and a brush to smudge the metallic shade on my lid.

Here, I used Wondrous Knight, Countess, and Brilliant Realm. And I forgot lipstick. Whoops!

The color story of the Autumn’s Reign palette is also really inspiring to me, and I have so many favorite shades out of the palette. But I have to say, Wondrous Knight is my favorite shade in the entire palette. It is a mauvey taupe and it made me fall in love with, well, mauvey taupes!

Apologies for the quality of the picture here. The lighting was not working with me the day I took this. I used: Countess, Brilliant Realm, and Sovereign Reign in this look!

The only thing I didn’t like about the palette was the mirror, which is why it is still covered in plastic in the photos. However, the owners of Sydney Grace Co. (which, by the way, are super sweet!) have informed me that they are looking to replace the mirror with a better one in the future! Furthermore, the issue with the mirror doesn’t really personally bother me, as I do have plenty of other mirrors to use from other palettes in my collection. So no biggie to me!

I cannot say enough good things about these shadows, and I definitely plan on adding more to my collection, along with a highlighter, or perhaps one of the new cream shadows they have been sneak-peeking recently! The military collection also really calls to me, and I have been looking to add the shade Thrilled to my collection for a long while now, too!

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