Terra Moons Cosmetics: Brand Profile

Brand Name: Terra Moons Cosmetics

Brand is Based Out Of: Miami, Florida

Price Range: $4 (36mm eyeshadow pan) – $42 (custom or special edition palettes)

Shipping Information: Terra Moons ships worldwide, and has a form on their site to fill out your shipping information. They send you an invoice within 48 hours depending on where you are in the world.

Product They Are Most Known For: Stunning Duochrome eyeshadows.

Cruelty Free / Vegan? – All of their products are cruelty free and most are vegan, and will be labeled if they are not vegan.

Newest Product: Terra Moons is releasing new eyeshadow shades all the time! They also had their first palette, the Sweet Nothings palette, which released on Valentines Day last month.


Terra Moons Cosmetics is a relatively new Indie Makeup Brand that makes absolutely stunning pressed eyeshadows and highlighters. I’m a big fan of single pan pressed powder products, because as a makeup artist, I love making my own palettes for each job I do. I’ve been using these 5 products for about a month now, and have finally gotten the change to sit down and review them for you. Spoiler – I love them and have been using them constantly!

Picture by Indie Mood


Feeling Frosty: This highlighter is FROSTY, as the title suggests. It’s very blinding, and definitely on the more glittery side. It’s not chunky glitter at all, but it’s shimmery, and definitely obvious that you have a highlighter on (which I love). This has become one of my favorites, since it’s so bright and white it goes with almost any look. Here are some looks wearing it:

Lace: This is a much more subtle highlighter for lighter skin tones. It’s more natural looking, and melts into the skin. This is great for everyday makeup, and is a pink champagne color. Here is a look with it on, where I’m also using the eyeshadows Split and Masquerade.

Looks and Photo by Indie Mood


Terra Moons makes gorgeous eyeshadows, matte and shimmer, with neutral tones and very unique ones. They make pretty incredible duochromes, which is what attracted me to this brand in the first place. I love duo chromes that are super shifty but still more neutral or dark tones. A lot of the other duochromes out there are very bright and colorful, which is cool, but I like dark vampy colors.

Terra Borealis: This is Terra Moons bestseller, and for good reason. It’s the most gorgeous pink/red to blue shift, and is a very close dupe to Colourpop’s Glass Bull. This shadow is stunning and looks good as the lid shade for so many looks.

Dark Matter: This is a darker duochrome with a deep red to purple blue shift. I love this one so much, I already have quite a dip in my pan. This also makes so many looks much more interesting.

I used the shade Dark Matter on my lid for this look.

Masquerade: When I first swatched this shade, my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe how creamy and pigmented this shimmer is. This is a bold coppery metallic that looks incredible on green or hazel eyes.

Split: This is hands down the best black matte eyeshadow I’ve ever used. It’s super pigmented and black but with virtually no fallout (what is this magic??) I used it as eyeliner in the look with the wings, and it took almost no building up.

Final Thoughts: I absolutely love all the shadows and highlighters from Terra Moons. They’re super pigmented and creamy, and last all day. I love all the colors they offer. The highlighter pans are HUGE and only $12, I can assure you that they will last you a long time. I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

Terra Moons was kind enough to send me the highlighter in “lace” and the eyeshadows “split” and “masquerade”, I purchased the other shadows after because I loved them so much and wanted to try more shades.

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