The 2021 Indie Beauty Awards: Discover Your New Holy Grails

Our 3rd annual Indie Beauty Awards are here! You voted for the best of indie beauty, and the results are in. For each category in our beauty awards, there is an audience pick chosen by you! Also, there are two editor’s choice picks: one each chosen by Liv and Giulia, who have tested dozens of products to bring you the best in indie beauty.

We know we’re a bit late, but the past few years have been a stressful ride. However, we hope you agree that it’s better late than never, and it’s always a good time to celebrate small business. You can also check out previous winners from the 2020 Indie Beauty Awards and the 2019 Indie Beauty Awards.

On To The Indie Beauty Awards!

There are 5 categories: makeup, skincare, bath and body, other, and overall awards. Each category is broken into individual items that each have 3 winners. For example, in the makeup category, there are three winners for the award of favorite setting powder.

How are the audience awards chosen?

The audience awards were chosen by you! We opened nominations in January, where people used a form to nominate their favorites for each award. After that, we took the top three products or brands nominated for each award and created a voting form. The final vote was taken by having thousands of our audience members vote. The product or brand with the most votes won the award for that category!


When it comes to the innovation of indie beauty, indie makeup is a standout. From colorful eyeshadow palettes to complexion products with diverse shade ranges, indie makeup has it all. We have winners that will create the most natural freckles in seconds and multi-products with zero-waste packaging. We hope you find a new favorite!


Setting Powder

Contour or Bronzer



Brow Product

Eyeshadow Palette

Single Eyeshadows

Loose Eyeshadows



Lip Product


Brushes or Sponges


Indie skincare is becoming bigger every year, and for good cause. Indie beauty innovators are creating skincare that is clean, low-waste, and effective, with formulations backed by science. Here are our picks along with the most popular indie skincare voted for by our audience of indie beauty lovers.


Mist or Toner

Serum or Oil



Bath and Body

Here are the indie beauty awards for bath and body. The audience awards go to some killer products that are must-tries, like Lume Body Wash, which has gentle acid to exfoliate your skin and prevent body acne. Also, there were quite a few low or zero waste alternatives that made the list!


Hair Product

Body Oil, Butter, or Lotion

Body Scrub

Other Indie Beauty Awards: Fragrance, Candles, and More

Indie perfume, candles, and nail polish have so many standouts, it was hard to choose a favorite! The audience voted in some beautiful products, including medieval-themed candles and the queen of holo’s own polish brand: Holo Taco.

Perfume Brand

Candle Brand

Nail Polish Brand

Overall Indie Beauty Awards

Finally, were here at the biggest and best awards of our 2021 Indie Beauty Awards: the Overalls! These awards include favorite new brands, favorite content creators, your podcast picks, best packaging, and more. These are truly the standouts of the year, and we love every single selection.

Favorite New Indie Beauty Brand

Best Indie Beauty Collection

Best Packaging or Artwork

Sustainability Award

Humanitarian Award

Best Social Media

Favorite Influencer or Creator

Most Underrated Indie Beauty Brand

Best Collab

Best Podcast

Best Glow Up of 2021

Thank You For Being a Part of The 2021 Indie Beauty Awards!

It’s been exciting to do these awards for the 3rd year in a row. We continue to be blown away by the innovation, creativity, and beauty of indie beauty. We couldn’t do it without your help, and we invite you to take part in the 2022 awards, coming later this year.

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