The Collective Cosmetics: Brand Profile

Hello everyone! Giulia here. I am finally starting to catch up on posting all the brand profiles I have done to the website, starting with The Collective Cosmetics. The Collective Cosmetics is a super cool brand, run by two people: Sarah, in New Jersey; and Joseph, in Liverpool, UK! They were kind enough to send me a great selection of their products, which I am reviewing here for y’all!

The gorgeous products sent to me by The Collective Cosmetics. The palette has 15 wells, and I use it to store my indie shadows!

Brand Name: The Collective Cosmetics

Brand Based In: Bayonne, New Jersey, USA. Handmade in both the USA and the UK!

Price Range: $8 – $50

Swatches! From top to bottom: Sanguine Addiction, Caul Bearer, Primae Nocti, Saint Starchild, Copper Lacquer

Shipping: Free worldwide shipping for orders over $32!

Best-Seller: The Mandela Effect Palette; eyeshadows in Space and Time, Atomic 29, and Helianthus; highlighter in Saint Starchild; and multi-lacquers in Pink and Poinsettia

Wearing the Saint Starchild highlight here! Also the Sanguine Addiction eyeshadow.

Products to Check Out: eyeshadows in Eggnog, Mistletoe, Prancer, and Sleigh; highlighters in Saint Rose and Saint Guilded; multi-lacquer in Gold

Other: Cruelty Free and Vegan!

Used the Copper Multi-Lacquer in this look!

Our thoughts: First of all, the creativity of The Collective Cosmetics is through the roof. Their color stories and shadows are always unique, and I love that they are now doing monthly themed boxes as well (they just released their March box, which has a stunning red-orange lacquer). The two eyeshadows I have are stunning. I especially enjoy Sanguine Addiction, which I love putting all over my lid and blowing out with a similarly-toned matte shadow. All the other shadows I have paired it with have worked well with it. Caul Bearer is extremely unique as well. It’s one of those shadows that has shimmers throughout it, and it is super sparkly on the eyes as a result (I use it with the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, so the sparkles stick).

Used Caul Bearer in this look!

The Saint Starchild highlighter is absolutely stunning. It creates a beautiful wet glow on the skin and sinks in wonderfully! I really, really love this highlight. Highly recommend.

The lacquer is such a fun product. I loved using it to create the super dewy look I included in this profile, and it was really easy to work with. I used the applicator to tap it onto my eyelids and used my fingers to tap and blend out the edges. It is a gloss so it will crease if you have hooded eyes (like me!), but the editorial look you will get from it is stunning. It is also really comfortable on the lips, and it lasts quite a while for me on mine.

The only product that I don’t really use in the way it was intended to be used is the Primae Nocti highlighter. It is a more glittery highlight (which Liv actually really enjoys), while a prefer a more “wet” looking highlighter. So, I will be using it as an eyeshadow! It is a really stunning mixture of pink and gold reflect that is super eye-catching. Unfortunately, Primae Nocti is no longer available as of now, but the rest of the products I have featured here are!

I am definitely planning on purchasing more from The Collective Cosmetics in the future (read: sometime this year). I have been eyeing their yellow and blue eyeshadows for while now…

You can use code INDIEMOOD for a discount on any purchase from The Collective Cosmetics! This is an affiliate code.

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