The Most Comfortable Period Ever Thanks to Aisle

I Tried the Aisle Period Cup, Reusable Pad, and Period Panties

Periods! One of my favorite topics to talk about since more than half of the humans on earth have a period, yet it still seems to be taboo. While we’ve come a long way from teenage bullies chucking tampons at a telepathic Stephen King character, we still have miles to go. 

Aisle Period is changing the menstruation game. Their first win was their name because we all know the emotions associated with the words ‘period aisle’. With Aisle, you’ll never have to visit the drug store period aisle again, because all their products are reusable and zero-waste. Their period underwear comes in a variety of styles that work for both femme and masc identifying people. All their products are high-quality and built to last.

Review of Aisle Period Products

At age 27, I still have at least 2 more decades of periods to come, so I get excited when I discover a new brand that approaches periods in a healthier way. Scented tampons and chlorine-bleached pads made out of cotton grown with pesticides are not the best for our nether regions and overall health. I’m not a scientist, but I am here to tell you that there are so many other options that are healthier, more sustainable, more affordable, and most importantly, way cuter. 

Aisle is one of these brands. The name instantly delighted me. (flashback to the dreaded trip to the period aisle as a teenager, when I was still humiliated by the normal bodily function and didn’t want to be seen in public within a mile radius of a box of tampons) I was excited to learn that Aisle offers a plethora of options, including reusable pads, period panties, and my favorite, period cups. 

I’m also excited to announce that the Aisle period panties are the first period panties I’ve ever tried! I was thrilled to take the jump into previously unexplored territory. All of Aisle’s products are zero-waste and built to last. If you want to learn more about the environmental impact of disposable period products, check out this post. Let’s dive into the review! 

The Aisle Period Cup 

Let’s get started with tried and tested territory for me – the period cup. I’ve actually taken a break from period cups because now that I’m no longer on any form of birth control, my periods are much heavier. This causes me to have to remove and empty my cup much more often, and removing my period cup is quite uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Also, if a period cup is too rigid, it presses on my bladder and makes it feel like I constantly have to pee–Sorry for airing my dirty period panties for the world to see, but I believe this context can be useful!

This led me to seek out more flexible, thin cups to try. The stiff rim and inflexibility of most period cups are what leads to discomfort for me, but period cups also need to be a bit rigid to hold the suction that makes the cup work in the first place. I haven’t been able to find ‘the one’ yet.

The Aisle Period Cup Enters the Chat

I noticed right away that this cup seemed way more flexible than the others I’ve tried, so I was so excited to try it. As usual, I boiled the new cup for 10 minutes or so before using it for the first time to completely disinfect it. (Pro tip: put the period cup inside a wire whisk to keep it from bumping into the sides or bottom of the pot and burning).  

Just as I had imagined, the Aisle period cup was way more comfortable than other cups I’ve tried. It was not a bother at all to insert or remove, and I had no issues with leakage. I used size A; there are two sizes, so choose the one that best fits you. It also didn’t feel stiff inside my body and didn’t press on my bladder.

It is the most comfortable and easy-to-use period cup. It also comes in this super cute cotton pouch to keep it clean while traveling. This cup is my new favorite and I will be continuing to use it for many periods to come! 

The Aisle Reusable Maxi Pad

I’m no stranger to reusable pads, either. My issue with them is that they slide around in my panties because they don’t stick to them, which is inconvenient, to say the least. The Aisle period panties were much better. The other reusable pads I have are thicker and made with a slippery fabric on the bottom, likely to prevent bleeding through. The Aisle pad is much softer and the bottom is rough cotton that doesn’t move about. There is a snap closure and I find that they stay put and absorb a lot!

They do still slip off if I’m not careful. It’s usually the tail end flipping out of my underwear and I have to adjust it. The solution to this problem is to wear a relatively snug, high-coverage pair of panties. Sometimes it’s laundry day and I don’t have any suitable undies available so I still have to adjust the pad throughout the day.

The Aisle Period Panties

These were my first pair of period panties, so I’m going off no comparative evidence from other brands. With that in mind, I LOVE these panties. I actually found myself tempted to wear them when it wasn’t my period because they were so comfortable.

I have a pair of black briefs, which are high-waisted and full coverage. They also included an additional layer of absorbency that you can slip into a slot in the panties, similar to the pads you can put in and out of some sports bras. They come with their briefs and you can even buy extras! The booster adds an additional two tampons worth of absorbency.

These panties are perfect for the heaviest nights of your period. You can sleep soundly without fear of waking up in a scene from Psycho. They’re comfortable, breathable, and made with organic cotton and Truetex™ technology which absorbs but still feels dry. No red alerts here, these will not leak. They’re also so comfortable, I wish that Aisle would just come out with a regular line of undies so I can wear them all the time.

Bloody Brilliant!

period products aisle review

That’s the end of the period talk folks! Overall, I loved Aisle’s products, but particularly their period briefs and their cup. They offer a variety of styles of their period underwear that work for both femme and masc identifying folks, which is amazing. I will continue to go with the flow using my Aisle period products for many more periods!

This review is not sponsored. The products were gifted which does not change our opinions at all. If you’d like to support us, consider joining us on Patreon!

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