The Strange South Halloween Review

As soon as I saw the Strange South’s Halloween collection, I knew I needed it.  They make some of my favorite perfumes and are the darkest themed fragrances that I’ve found.  They are completely original, and I get so excited whenever they release a new collection.  I grabbed every scent in the Fall / Halloween 2018 Collection, and here are the reviews:

Don’t Fear the Reaper:

Site Description:

Creaky wooden stairs, spilled tea, and a menacing fog.

In the Bottle: It literally smells like fog machine fog.  The kind you pour out of a bottle into a machine.  So it immediately reminds of haunted houses – not real ones but the ones you pay to walk through at Halloween time.

Wet on the Skin: I smell black tea along with the fog now, and I can see how the fog is “menacing” because it has the petrichor of a thunderstorm along with it.

Dried Down:  Ahhh sweet mother of atmospherics.  The creaky wooden stairs to me almost smells like wood polish, an alcohol or chemical smell of wood finish or some other cleaning material.  The fog is definitely laced with the smell of a thunderstorm.

Overall:  This is a very strange, dark scent.  This is not pleasant or wearable, and completely atmospheric, and I love it.


The Gatekeeper:

Site Description:

Headstones buried under moss and ivy, rusted iron fencing, and gunpowder.

In the Bottle: Wet green moss and stone.

Wet on the Skin:  This is definitely very mossy with the arid tinge of rusted metal and petrichor.

Dried Down: The notes blend together as it wears and creates a rainy, creepy, but pleasant scent.

Overall: A moody atmospheric that reminds me of a walk through a graveyard after a rain storm.


Number 41:

Site Description:

Pink linen, muddy shoes, chamomile, orris root, and vanilla musk.

In the Bottle: The very feminine floral scent, but a young feminine floral.

Wet on the Skin: It’s a very sweet, innocent scent.  It smells like fresh cotton and flowers, and a tiny bit of that powdery scent but not in a nauseating way.

Dried Down: This is a really pretty floral that I actually like.  It’s a super feminine, sweet scent, with the tiniest undertone of an earthiness.  It does smell a bit soapy.

Overall:  This is a very sweet and girly scent that reminds me of summer.  It also reminds me of deodorant, the kind that your health teacher hands out in your middle school health class.


Twice Dead:

Site Description:

Frozen breath and arterial blood.

In the Bottle: A sweet but ‘human’ smell that’s slightly fruity.

Wet on the Skin: I’m so excited by this.  It actually smells like human blood.  I’ve tried tons of different perfumes with ‘blood’ notes, and this is the first one that smells like that coppery, fleshy musk smell.

Dried Down: This is a ‘weird’ scent for sure.  It’s basically just like the description suggests, blood and ice.  The blood does smell like it’s mixed with flesh, so not just that copper smell but also the scent of skin musk along with it.

Overall: I love this so much I purchased a full size.  I know this isn’t everyone’s taste, but I’ve been searching for a true blood smell since I got into indies.  I purchased BPAL’s Blood Popsicle, which smells like plum wine, and many Sixteen92 and BPAL samples with blood notes only to be disappointed with fruity or wine scents.  This actually smells like blood, which I’ve noticed about the Strange South – all of their notes are exactly as described.



Site Description:

Burnt sugar caught between gnashing teeth.

In the Bottle: Dark, dark, dark brown sugar and rich molasses.

Wet on the Skin:  This sugar is so dark, it almost has a roasted nuttiness to it.  It’s all sugar and sweetness, but not in any kind of appetizing way.  There’s definitely something ‘weird’ about this.

Dried Down:  I don’t know what notes ‘gnashing teeth’ would be made of, but I can tell you what I smell other than burnt brown sugar.  Dry air full of smoke, dust, nuts of some sort, and dirt.

Overall:  I love this scent.  I would definitely wear this on a day where I was feeling a gourmand but still wanted to smell *spooky*


That’s all! I have no idea what the inspiration for this collection is, but on the Strange South website, they write Fall / Halloween 2018: Fairwater.  I tried to search and see what Fairwater is but I didn’t find an answer.  If anyone knows, please fill me in!

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