Check Out Our Reviews of Indie Fragrance Brand Nui Cobalt Design's Fall Perfumes

Check Out Our Reviews of Indie Fragrance Brand Nui Cobalt Design’s Fall Perfumes

Fall is officially here, along with deliciously haunting Fall perfumes. The leaves crunch beneath my feet when I go for my daily walks, eyes wide to take in the many hues of red, gold, orange, and brown. Fall in New England is unmatched anywhere else in the world. The veil between the worlds is this, and spiritual energy is high. 

I wish I could live in this season all year round. Since the circle of the year goes on despite my desire for endless autumn, the closest I can get is a collection of hand-blended fragrances inspired by the turning of the seasons in the Fall. Here are some reviews of the Nui Cobalt Fall 2021 Part II: Halloween Collection. Nui Cobalt Designs has got fall down to an olfactory science, and their perfumes from this collection make endless autumn possible. Our perfume collaboration with Nui Cobalt proved to be a perfect example of the brand’s ability to capture a feeling through scent.

nui cobalt fall perfumes review

Reviews of Nui Cobalt Designs Fall Perfumes From Their Autumn Part II Collection

As usual, I will start out each review with the brand’s scent description, followed by my first impression, review of the scent on my skin, overall thoughts, wear time and throw, and finally, a GIF giving a visual to the scent. Sadly, technology has not yet advanced enough for us to share smells via the internet, so the GIFs are the closest I can get to giving you a vivid adaptation of the perfume. 

Silver Bullet

Brand Description: A swift banishment blend to dispel anger, frustration, and any feral lunacy that muddles the mind. Wolf musk accord with wild white currant, chilled clary sage, dried lavender, lime leaves, and a subtle hint of almond bark infused with homegrown hyssop, lemon verbena, and white peppercorn. Wear this soothing potion in stressful situations or when you feel the stirrings of the savage beast within.

First Impressions: I instantly smell herbs and amaretto in a very pleasing, unique way. All the Nui Cobalt scents I’ve tried have this skin sweetness that smells so natural and musky in the best way, and this one definitely has it. 

On the Skin: This envelops me with a blend of woodsy herbs, medicinal tinctures, winter air, and almond. Underneath everything, there is a hint of fur; a wild musk. This is not what one would immediately think of when you think of werewolf perfume, since it’s on the gentle and calming side.

Overall Thoughts: I am obsessed with werewolves and any form of werewolf lore, movies, and books. This is such a unique take on Lycanthropes that I knew I needed it in my collection. There is something medicinal about this scent, but not in a gross, syrupy way. It smells like herbal tinctures and traditional medicines. The herbal scents, like lavender, clary sage, and lime leaves, are all earthy and grounded. There is nothing soapy about this scent, it’s meant to be a silver bullet in the way that it stops the raving beast within, and it is perfect for that. It’s a calming and soothing herbal scent. 

Wear Time and Throw: This is pretty strong, so apply with caution. Just a dab on the pulse points will do. Also, this wears a long time and has a wide throw – the type of perfume that will nest itself on your clothes and sheets in the best way. 


Brand Description: An Autumnal sleeping spell to rival our acclaimed Tryptophan. Cemetary stones enshrouded in mist, wild English lavender, rain, and freshly turned earth. Wear this scent before going to bed for restorative rest and pleasant dreams.

First Impressions: I smell mossy stone and a cold mist. This scent is a walk through a graveyard on a cloudy day, plus a hint of incense. 

On the Skin: This is a stunning scent that combines petrichor and earth with lavender and smoke. It has that light aura of a metaphysical shop but is still very much grounded.

Overall Thoughts: This is an atmospheric that paints a vivid picture for me. Each sniff starts with the realistic notes of rain, dirt, and mist, but finishes with lavender incense smoke. Lavender is one of my favorite notes, and it’s melded perfectly into the mix with this perfume. It’s definitely the last note to remain when wearing this perfume and is grounding, relaxing, and soothing.

Wear Time and Throw: This fragrance lasts all day on me, 8+ hours, and has a decent throw. The scent of lavender is the strongest in this blend. 

Sunrise on Spidersilk

Brand Description: A warm and golden variation on our beloved Starlight & Spidersilk. Sunlit strands of cotton flower hung with trembling dewdrops, amber musk, tiny black vanilla beans, fresh ginger, clove, frankincense, and a touch of tangerine. Wear to lift your spirits, revive, and refresh after long bouts of stress.

First Impressions: Sweet vanilla and citrus overwhelm my senses upon opening this vial, and I’m instantly in love. 

On the Skin: This is a light, sweet scent that dances on the skin and reveals its nuance little by little. Primarily, the opening notes are vanilla and musk, with the tangerine fighting for your attention.

Overall Thoughts: This is a stunning, warm, sunshiney take on an autumnal scent, like autumn in California. Coincidentally, I always love vanilla and citrus together, and this combined with amber musk and spices is just perfection. This isn’t one I expected to fall in love with, but I most definitely did. It’s wild how something could be so warm yet so vibrant at the same time. 

Wear Time and Throw: This is one of the lighter scents of the bunch, but still, apply with care because NCD perfumes are stronger than a lot of other indie houses I’ve tried. It has a decent throw, it’s definitely a hug-perfume or the type of perfume that someone will be enveloped in when you embrace them. This lasts for 4-6 hours on me. 

Skeletal Birch

Brand Description: Stark white and paper-thin, seeming so vulnerable absent their leaves, the slender birch heralds purification and new beginnings. Crisp woodland air, dry branches, river rocks, a dash of black pepper, and a wisp of campfire smoke. Wear this bracing blend to free yourself of stale, stagnant energy and step boldly into your next chapter.

First Impressions: This smells like heaven. No, literally. Heaven. It smells like pure white light, clouds, the purification of smoke, holiness.

On the Skin: This smells green and white at the same time. Does anyone else smell colors? It smells like fresh, verdant life but also smoke and dried leaves, too. 

Overall Thoughts: This has the atmosphere of mist on the forest floor, of cold stream water evaporating off rocks in the sun. It’s a very natural and lively scent. There is a tinge of notes that have a floral vibe that doesn’t agree with me a whole lot, but that’s a preference thing.

Wear Time and Throw: This is really strong, so apply sparingly. It wears for a long time, too – 6-8 hours.  

Forbidden Library 

Brand Description: A spooky rendition of our beloved Bibliophilia. The vanillic scent of aging paper infused with ceremonial incense, venerable bookshelves of black oak and sweet Himalayan cedarwood, a hint of mossy stone, and an undercurrent of faded suede. Wear this subtle potion to invoke spirits of arcane knowledge and empower your psychic perceptions.

your perfect fall perfumes

First Impressions: The name checks out, this smells like the restricted section of the Hogwarts library. 

On the Skin: Oh my, I love this instantly. I smell paper, candles, and stone flooring in an ancient castle. I can hear the books creak open and share the smell of old parchment and ink. This is just beautiful. 

Overall Thoughts: Over time, the woody scents of oak and cedarwood overpower the more overpowering scents of incense and paper. This is atmospheric for sure: you will quite literally smell like old books if you wear this. For me, that’s a win, but that’s not for everyone. I do feel like the mossy stone notes can turn a little too earthy, and when combined with the paper and suede notes, can be a bit too damp. That’s me being nitpicky, overall, I find this to be a beautiful, autumnal atmospheric. 

Wear Time and Throw: This has a smaller throw than most but lasts a very long time. The wood notes remain on the skin for 8-10 hours. 

Bats in the Belfry

Brand Description: Fuzzy brown fur accord on soft golden hay that’s been infused with decades of frankincense and myrrh, guaiac wood, Oudh, copal resin, and amber musk. Wear for comfort and restored sanity when the world is driving you mad.

First Impressions: This is musky and woody in an ancient way.

On the Skin: This is a musky, earthy scent that smells like ancient stone, wood, and incense. It’s soft and subtle.

Overall Thoughts: This is somehow cozy and sexy at the same time. It smells like autumn, like hayrides on a dark, cold, late October night. The resin and amber musk can be a bit strong if you don’t like church-like smokey incense, but I happen to be a fan of notes like that. I love animalistic musks, and Nui Cobalt does them really well.

Wear Time and Throw: This has a strong throw and long wear time. Apply sparingly!

Kiss of Death

Brand Description: A lascivious potion of black cherry, dark chocolate, Ceylon cinnamon, pomegranate, patchouli, wine-soaked fig, and feral musk. Wear to incite arousal and encourage intimacy.

First Impressions: This is cloying and sweet, I’m hoping it’ll even out upon application. I also noted that the vial is separated a bit, with a red, blood-like oil that disperses as you shake the perfume. It’s beautiful and totally looks like a vial of blood. 

On the Skin: This blooms into something more complex as soon as it touches the skin. It’s still very sweet, but there’s a wine-like scent with a base of musk. The musk smells like skin and maybe, possibly, blood. 

Overall Thoughts: This is a beautiful scent that continues to unfold as you wear it. The warm spices come out after it dries on the skin, combined with the bloody fruits, rich chocolate, and skin musk. It’s elegant, dark, and sexy. I love it and can’t wait to wear it on a date night where I’m dressed up. 

Wear Time and Throw: This has a decent throw and wears for 6-8 hours. It remains on the skin as a spicy musk after time has passed. 

Total Queen of the Damned vibes

Home Blessing

Brand Description: A soft and soothing blend to inspire joyful accord and peace within the home. Languid jasmine, green coconut water, orris root, sweet shea butter, and a gentle touch of Bulgarian lavender. Wear to carry feelings of comfort, safety, and loving-kindness wherever you go.

First Impressions: This is a very green, youthful scent but it does immediately hit me with a bit of soapiness, likely from the jasmine, which isn’t my favorite note.  

On the Skin: This is soft and powdery, and really light. I dislike jasmine but the lavender scent is really nice.

Overall Thoughts: This is definitely not for me because of the Jasmine note, but it is a comforting, lovely scent that floral fans will enjoy.

Wear Time and Throw: This is strong with a decent throw so apply sparingly! It wears for 8 hours.

Awaken the Witch

Brand Description: A venerable old potion to stoke the flame of magic within. Leather-bound grimoires on mahogany shelves. A cup of hot tea, subtly sweetened with vanilla bean and honey. Sandalwood incense mingling with black patchouli, cardamom, and coriander. Wear to amplify your psychic and magical power. It also serves as an all-purpose anointing oil for talismans and tools.

First Impressions: Sweet and smokey at the same time. There is definitely a waft of incense and leather, and I’m here for it.

On the Skin: This instantly blends into my skin into a scent that I love. Every Nui Cobalt scent with vanilla and honey is so good, they’re the masters of balancing sweet with the smokiness in a way that works.

Overall Thoughts: This perfume smells like dark academia in the late fall when everything still alive is succumbing to frost. It has the faint smell of witchcraft with the patchouli and cardamom, with a spicy warmth made skin sweet thanks to the vanilla and sandalwood. This is a beautiful autumn fragrance that will take you into winter in a cozy sweater.

Wear Time and Throw: This has a decent throw, so apply sparingly. It lasts 6-8 hours but fades into the skin in a lovely way, like a sweet, smoky, natural musk.

Baby Pumpkin

Brand Description: A scent to inspire sweetness and affection. Homemade maple pumpkin bread with Autumn harvest honey, spiced with nutmeg and clove, drizzled with salted caramel, and dotted with Turkish apricot. Wear when you’re in the mood for gentle hugs, earnest compliments, and warm appreciation.

First Impressions: Syrupy sweet like a pile of pumpkin pancakes. I can smell the nuance but the first sniff is definitely a gourmand one. 

On the Skin: Wow, this was different than I thought it would be. This seems to transform from a foody, sweet gourmand to a delicate skin musk. The pumpkin is there but it’s not overwhelming. The warming spices add the coziness of autumn.

Overall Thoughts: This really took me by surprise and is a scent I would wear again and again all year round. I am always impressed by NCD’s gourmands because they are so delicious without being overly sweet and making me smell like a short stack. The honey, nutmeg, and clove really make this, and it’s no surprise to me that NCD is known for their honey notes. This smells like warmth, happiness, snuggles, and fall. 

Wear Time and Throw: This doesn’t have a massive throw which I prefer for gourmand scents. This is the kind of perfume that would envelop someone giving you a hug and cause them to say, “mmm… you smell good!” The wear time really surprised me. I wore this and a few hours into the day I washed some dishes. Afterward, I could still smell this perfume. As you wear it, the scent seamlessly eases into a close skin scent. It leaves a trace of sweetness and spice on your skin all day. 

Baby Pumpkin has Great British Bake Off vibes, and if you like that show, that makes us automatically friends.

Torchlit Dungeon (Candle) 

Brand Description: A subterranean lair of shadows and secrets. Cool, mossy stone, ancient oak casks, black soil, and gentle copal smoke. Light this scented candle to conceal yourself in the veils and mists of magic. It allows one’s actions to pass unseen by prying eyes.

First Impressions: Yeah, this totally smells like the Slytherin common room in the Hogwarts dungeon.

While Burning: This is a perfect scent to transition from Fall to Winter. It smells cool, dark, and ominous, thanks to the copal smoke. I imagine this candle to be lit on a dark, cold Halloween evening during a vampire party where everyone is basking about and drinking blood.

Overall Thoughts: This is a beautiful atmospheric that’s perfect when the days are shorter, the breeze starts to bite, and the trees become bare. It’s cold and smells of stone and wood.

Burn Time and Throw: In my experience, Nui Cobalt’s candles have just the perfect amount of throw. It fills the room with fragrance but isn’t overwhelming or headache-inducing. I love lighting this after I’ve cleaned up to fill the house with the hauntingly pleasant aroma. Nui Cobalt’s candles are 100% soy wax and come in 6 oz metal tins, which gives about 40-50 hours of burn time.

Final Thoughts on These Beautiful Fall Perfumes

review of nui cobalt fall perfumes

As usual, Nui Cobalt did an incredible job with this collection. There is something in here for everyone, with so many different facets of my favorite season: Fall! Baby Pumpkin was an unexpected favorite of mine, and now I want to wear it every day.

This post is not sponsored but the perfumes were sent to me for review, but this does not change my thoughts. No links in this article are affiliated. If you purchase our collaborative collection from Nui Cobalt, we will make a small commission, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. For a list of our affiliate links and codes, click here.

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