Three Palettes from Adept Cosmetics: A Quick Review

Adept Cosmetics really has some of the most beautiful eyeshadows you’ll see in the indie world. They are buttery and shimmery, and super, super reflective. Adept Cosmetics was kind enough to send me their three palettes in PR: Plain Jane, Ninhydrin, and Kodanne. I wanted to get this review up ASAP, since their last restock for these palettes is going live tomorrow at noon MST! You can use code INDIEMOOD for 10% off (affiliated).

If you miss out, don’t worry too much. Adept is working on a brand new formula that they plan to release as soon as possible. We can’t wait to see their new range! (And you bet that we’ll try to get a review up for y’all on that formula, as well!)

Plain Jane

adept cosmetics plain jane swatches

Plain Kane was Adept’s first eyeshadow palette launch in this little series. If you like sparkling, shimmery shades arranged in a fairy-like color story, this one is for you. (Seriously, every time I look at this palette I think fairies). And by the way, if you don’t like how any of these palettes are arranged, the magnetic pans let you rearrange them any way you like!

The shimmer shades have a very thin formula that literally gleams, whether swatched or on the eyes. My favorite way to apply the shimmers is just with a finger. They are that easy to use. I’ve never felt that I had to reach with a glitter primer or even wet my brush to make these look wet on the eyes. I haven’t had any issues with fallout, either. I’m honestly so happy that this thinner shimmer formula is becoming popular. I absolutely adore the effect it gives on the eyes!

plain jane eyeshadow palette look
I know it’s simple, but this is one of my favorite looks ever, and I go back to it often! (Used Plain Jane ACI7 on the lid!)

I tend to use this palette more as a supporting palette rather than to create looks on its own. Its shades easily pair with mattes from my other favorite palettes. Plain Jane has quickly become one of my favorite palettes I have, and I’m seriously sitting on my hands to prevent myself from buying a back-up!


adept cosmetics ninhydrin eyeshadow palette swatches

I wasn’t so sure if I would love the color story of Ninhydrin when I first saw it, but now I’m pretty much obsessed. This palette is a purple and blue shadow lover’s dream. Seriously, the amount of blurples in this palette just make me so happy! This one is perfect for those of you looking for something colorful, but something you can also reach for if you want a more neutral look.

ninhydrin eyeshadow palette look
Used shade ACI20 on the lid!

The formula in Ninhydrin is similar to that of Plain Jane, though some of the shimmer shades feel a bit thicker. Even so, all the shades are very easy to work with. Even the more neutral shades come with a flip, which I thoroughly enjoy. Just like Plain, Jane, I tend to reach for this palette paired with others in my collection. That’s not to say the Adept matte formula isn’t great – more on that later – just that I tend to not use Ninhydrin alone.

The Newest Adept Cosmetics Palette: Kodanne

adept cosmetics kodanne eyeshadow palette swatches

Kodanne launches for the first (and likely only, sadly) time tomorrow. It’s also the only one of these three palettes that has ten shades (Plain Jane and Ninhydrin both have 12).

Like Ninhydrin, Kodanne has two matte shades, and let me tell you, I am blown away by this matte formula. For the Kodanne look in this post, I used the deep teal matte, ACM34. First, it packed onto the eyes extremely easily. Even better, it blended so, so easily. I’m still working on my perfect shape for my go-to eyeshadow look, so sometimes it can take me a while to get the right blend. But, I completed the look with ACM34 really quickly! It also played really well with my Eunique Beauty matte eyeshadow formula.

kodanne eyeshadow palette look
Had to close my eyes to show off Kodanne on the lids. Also used ACM34!

Adept does offer an option to switch out the matte shades for other shimmers, but if you like the matte shades in the palette, I honestly would recommend keeping the palette as is!

We hope this post has helped you make some decisions for tomorrow. If you’ve tried Adept Cosmetics, let us know what you think below!

*This post is not sponsored. Some links and codes in this article are affiliated which give us a commission at no extra cost to you. For a full list of our discount codes and links, click here. The products featured in this post were sent to me in PR.

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