Twisted Wonderland: Brand Review & Spring Collection

I’ve been working on this review for a while because there were so many amazing products to review, and I wanted to spend time on each product and scent. I first tried Twisted Wonderland Perfumerie over a year ago, and from these new products, I can tell that Rae has worked hard to improve as a perfumer and creator. The newer fragrances are more nuanced and complex. I know that she’s discontinuing some of her older ones and moving some to only wax melts to make room for new collections. I enjoyed reviewing these in detail, so strap in, this is a long one!

Image by Indie Mood

Name of Brand: Twisted Wonderland Perfumery

Location: Carthage, NY

Price Range: $2.75 (wax melts) – $14 (body oils and perfume sampler sets)

Shipping Information: Their TAT (turn around time) is always listed at the top of their page.

Product they are most known for: Fragrance oils inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Horror Movies, and more.

Liv’s Fave: The Spritz Me! Body and Linen spray in the scent Ahh-vacado was life changing for me. It’s a scent I would never expect to fall in love with, but I’ve sprayed it on everything I own and I’m almost out of it.

Cruelty free? Natural? They are 100% cruelty free and a woman owned business.


I got the opportunity to review a huge variety of Twisted Wonderland’s products, so I’ll go through them one by one, starting with the new Spring 2019 collection.

Image by Indie Mood

Spring 2019

The Grim: (I have this in the “Spritz Me” Linen and Body Mist form)

Brand Description: Melted snow, burnt maple syrup, cedar wood, smoked vanilla, and a hint of tree moss.

My first impression: It smells like cold and smokey maple syrup mixed with a wood cabin in the forest.

Overall Impression and Wear Time: This is a perfect end of winter scent. It smells like a log cabin deep in the woods with a fire going, maple trees surrounding, and a chill in the air. It’s comforting with that edge of cold air.

Vita Nova: (full sized perfume)

Brand Description: Fresh cucumber, spring air, green grass, lilac flower, & fragrant sage.

My first impression: Wheatgrass! If you’re a health freak like me and drink blended up grass, it smells just like a wheatgrass shot out of the bottle. Super green and fresh.

Overall Impression and Wear Time: Dried down, this is a delicious and springy medley of green scents. The cucumber is so fresh, and there’s also the slightest hint of lilac. The sage is a beautiful fresh note, like you just ripped a sage leaf right off the plant and rolled it in your fingers and then sniffed. This is a perfect sweet, green, summer scent. It lasts long and has a decent throw, so you smell like a clean green goddess all day.

Sprung: (1ML Sample)

Brand Description: Uncorked champagne, freshly laundered sheets, scattered rose petals, and a drop of grapefruit juice.

My first impression: Yum. That’s a realistic champagne note, it almost smells fizzy. That and the citrus punch of grapefruit are what rise to the top upon first sniff.

Overall Impression and Wear Time: This is a wonderful spring scent. Rae really nailed this spring collection. It smells like clean fresh sheets at a fancy hotel along with a champagne, grapefruit juice mimosa. It’s sweet but not overly so, and like Vita Nova, the floral note is not overwhelming at all, just a slight hint of fresh rose. It’s the green rose petal type of note, not the powdery, old-timey type, which I prefer.

A Dream Within A Dream: (1ML Sample)

Brand Description: Fresh juicy pears, sweet pea blossoms, wafts of basil, a hint of vanilla bean.

My first impression: Oh my, this is a delicous fruity gourmand type scent. The pear is the top note for sure, and it’s so juicy and fresh.

Overall Impression and Wear Time: This is much more complex and fresh as it dries down. The pear and sweet pea blossoms are such a pretty combination, and the basil makes this unique from anything else I’ve tried. The vanilla is soft and just rounds this up into being such a sweet and delectable fragrance. This is an unexpected favorite of mine!

Mirabelle: (1ML Sample)

Brand Description: Magnolia blooms, sugared white musk, fresh tangerine, & the smallest hint of black pepper.

My first impression: Super sweet floral.

Overall Impression and Wear Time: I do not love this scent, but if you enjoy sugary sweet powdery florals, this is up your alley. The tangerine and floral is a bit of an odd combo for me, and the musk is definitely sugared. It’s a but headachy, but I know people who love this type of fragrance, so I’ll try it on them.

Wax Melts

Carnival of Souls (Retired Scent from Summer 2018 Collection)

Brand Description: Fresh funnel cakes sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, super sweet swirled blue and pink cotton candy, buttered popcorn, and hints of smoke from the food stands.

My first impression: This is a sweet gourmand but it’s so good. It’s a super realistic combination of cake, sweets, and popcorn.

Overall Impression and Throw: This is the perfect scent for a wax melt. It creates the perfect carnival atmosphere, and reminds of in the book It by Stephen King, when Pennywise describes the scents of a carnival to lure the children in. It has a good throw and lasts a long time in my warmer.

Unicorn Party

Brand Description: Goji Berry, Blueberry, Ripe Red Raspberry, Pink Spun Sugar, & Sweet Vanilla

My first impression: Wooooo!! That is sweet. If you want a sugary sweet candy scent, this is for you.

Overall Impression and Throw: For something so sweet, it’s not overwhelming. It just fills my apartment with the scent of cotton candy, which is quite pleasant.

Bath and Body Oil in the Scent Silent Hill

Brand Description: The combination of foggy air, deep fire smoke, dark pomegranate, and hints of overturned dirt and honey. Welcome to Silent Hill!

My first impression: This is one of my original favorite scents from Twisted Wonderland. I love how warm and carnal it is, while also being a bit sweet.

Overall Impression of the Bath and Body Oil: I absolutely love this body oil. I’ve tried so many, because I love how hydrating body oil can be, but often times, they’re too greasy or heavy. This lightly shimmering oil absorbs super fast and is scented just the right amount, so it makes my skin super soft and glowy. I’m going to be using this daily now, because I just ran out of my favorite Cocoa Pink Dry Oil and am now addicted to covering my entire body with oil and having the softest skin ever.

Ahh-vocado Spritz Me

Brand Description: My husband named this one, he thought he was clever! A combination of avocado, sea salt, blackberry, plums, and hints of fresh green grass.

My first impression: I was so intrigued to try this because I had never smelt anything avocado scented before. This scent blew my mind and quickly became my favorite of the bunch! I’ve never tried anything like it, so it totally surprised me.

Overall Impression of the Linen and Body Mist: I’ve been spraying this non stop since I got it. It smells so fresh and clean, like the cleanest of all cleans. It’s so delicious, but not overly sweet at all. Imagine a beach house that was just renovated.

Don’t Step on the Momeraths Sanitize Me

Brand Description: A peculiar combination of exotic dragonfruit, fluffy cotton candy, and blue sugar.

My first impression: I’m not a huge fan of super sweet scents for perfume, but I love them for hand sanitizer. This is yummy and very ‘blue’ smelling.

Overall Impression of the Hand Sanitizer : I’ve been using this a ton to protect myself from my sneezing coworkers at this dangerous time of year. It smells sweet and delicious, but not overly sweet or nauseating at all. Definitely a great thing to carry around with you in your purse!

The Rest Is Confetti Full Sized Perfume

Brand Description: A cup of white tea, elegant white musk, marshmallow buttercream cupcakes, & soft rose petals.

My first impression: This was not what I expected at all from description, in the best way. This is so soft and sweet, but elegant and romantic at the same time. The white tea and musk take precedence when you first apply it. The cupcake and rose notes are subtle and not overpowering at all.

Overall Impression : I love the name of this so much. It’s a quote from the Netflix show “The Haunting of Hill House”, which to me perfectly describes love. I love this scent way more than I thought I would! It seems like Twisted Wonderland has a knack for getting me to love notes and blends I never thought I would. All the rose notes in her perfumes are some of the best I’ve ever smelled – not too powdery or narcotic, but freshly picked sweet. This is definitely a feminine scent, but it’s not immature or overly ‘girly’. It all blends so perfectly together.

Anatomical Heart Soap

Rae also sent over this big anatomical heart hand poured soap. I couldn’t help but get creative with it. This smells incredible – like blood orange – and the suds are the smallest bit red, like blood. It’s also very moisturizing.

Image by Indie Mood

Overall Review

I absolutely love this brand, and have been a fan for a long time! Rae was kind enough to send all this over for review, but I’ve purchased their products before. I love how inspired they are by Alice in Wonderland and Horror. The products are fun and really unique, and her shop offers such a wide variety of products. I also want to point out again how much Rae has grown as a perfumer since the first time I tried her scents. I think it’s amazing when artists continue to grow and get better at their craft. Her 2019 Spring Collection is beautiful, and has a little bit of something for everyone.

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