Twisted Wonderland Perfumerie Summer 2019 Collection Review

I always look forward to Twisted Wonderland Perfumery‘s new collections, because they seem to make note combinations and scent stories I would never have thought of work so well. I’m always surprised by the blends I fall in love with from this brand, because they’re always the ones I least expect. Here’s a review of all the scents in the Summer 2019 collection.

Fool (10ML Eau De Parfum)

Brand Description: Tropical guava, aldehydes, sugared cannabis flower, & a hint of juicy peach. (Perfume Products Only)

First Impression: This is so bright and sweet right off the back. This is what I imagine walking off a plane after landing in Hawaii and having all the intoxicating tropical flowers and fruits hit you at once. I’ve never tried TWP Eau De Parfum, but this seems so much more intense at first compared to the oils.

Overall: I LOVE this scent, which totally shocked me. I personally dislike Cannabis, particularly the scent of it, so when I saw the description I was sure I wouldn’t love this, but it’s one of my favorite of the bunch. The guava and peach notes are so realistic, like a ripe, juicy fruit that has just been bitten into. The aldehydes add a fresh, fizziness that ties everything together, and the sugared cannabis flower gives it a green earthiness that smells nothing like marijuana. This is the perfect summer scent that has such a pretty island vibe to it.

Fool = Tropical Island Party Vibes

Tempest (2 oz Spritz Me Linen and Body Mist)

Brand Description: Sweet brown sugar tobacco, pineapple sticky rice, smoked vanilla, & the smallest hint of woods.

First Impression: This is smokey and sweet in such a sultry way. It’s not too foody but delicious at the same time.

Overall: This is like a sexy summer night with a bonfire on the beach in a bottle. The vanilla and pineapple give it that summer feeling, the brown sugar tobacco and smokiness give it the campfire vibe. The earthiness of the woods adds a depth that keeps this from being too much like a bath and body works lotion. I really love this and could see this being awesome for summer and transition perfectly into fall.

Drink Me (Not Poison)

Brand Description: Steeped black tea, honeyed milk, lavender tea cakes, & a hint of blackberry.

First Impression: The Black Tea note is so realistic, it smells like I’m taking loose leaf tea and steeping it. The lavender pairs perfectly with the black tea.

Overall: This is a gorgeous scent. Lavender is one of my favorite notes, and everything that’s in this blend compliments it. The tea cakes, milk, and blackberry are not overwhelming or too gourmand. It just adds a hint of sweetness. This is a lovely scent that’s soft and calming.


Brand Description: Caramelized torched wood, tendrils of smoke, sugared flames, & spilled coconut milk.

First Impression: That smoke note is intense, it’s like a charred log from a campfire. There’s a warm sweetness, too.

Overall: This is so warm and smokey and sweet. If you love smelling smokey, this one is for you. The woodiness adds a depth, and the sugar and coconut milk adds a natural sweetness. This is the kind of scent that someone would hug you and say mmm.. you smell good.

Carnival of Souls (Sanitize Me)

Brand Description: Fresh funnel cakes sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, super sweet swirled blue and pink cotton candy, buttered popcorn, & hints of smoke from the food stands.

Overall: I’ve had this scent before in wax melt form and loved it. Twisted Wonderland makes the best hand sanitizer that is perfectly scented and not drying, so I’m excited to have it in this scent. This is a gourmand carnival scent, but the smokiness keeps it from being overly sweet. The cinnamon is pertinent, and makes the cake smell of the funnel cakes so much better. It smells exactly like a carnival.

Overall: I love this collection! It seems like Twisted Wonderland’s collections just keep getting better and better. I love every single scent in this collection, but my favorite is probably Drink Me. It just smells like a warm blanket of coziness. I highly recommend letting Twisted Wonderland’s scents rest for a few days when you get them, because I notice a massive change from when I first received them to after a week or so of resting.

Check out this post we have on Twisted Wonderland’s Spring Collection. These fragrances were sent to me for review, but this post is not sponsored. Use code TWINDIEMOOD for 10% off Twisted Wonderland Perfumery, which is NOT affiliated.

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