Veil Cosmetics: Brand Profile

Name: Veil Cosmetics

Brand Located In: New York, New York

Price Range: $39 – $49

Shipping: Global Shipping

Best Sellers: Sunset Skin Foundation

Other: Cruelty Free and Vegan

Our Thoughts:

I got the chance to sit down with the founder of Veil Cosmetics, Sebastien Tardif, at the 2019 Makeup Show in New York City. He told me all about his 17 years of experience as a makeup artist and how it led him to create a brand that specialized in perfect complexion products. His main sentiment was that complexion products were always to heavy or powdery, and he wanted to create effective products that look seamless and natural, while still perfecting the skin.

I got a chance to play with his entire line of products at the show, and he gave me an AutoMatte Mattifying Balm to take home. I was completely mystified and excited by this product, so he wanted to give me the opportunity to try it out in a ton of different situations, since it’s such a multitasker.

The Brand describes AutoMatte as “a powderless, imperceptible mattifier and skin smoother. Available in one universal shade, it can be used as a primer, with or without makeup, to prevent shine and oil build up and also as a touch-up throughout the day. Non-drying and non-caking, AutoMatte’s weightless and breathable veil provides a soft-focus effect that leaves skin looking naturally smooth. The formula’s clarifying & brightening properties soothe the complexion and assist in collagen synthesis and protection. Contains vitamin C & E and is paraben free.”

It feels very unique from the first time you touch it: it’s not oily and not slippery like most silicone primers. It’s not powdery or cakey at all, either. The best way I can describe it is the feeling of oil between your fingers but then it magically disappears… does that make sense? I wish you guys could feel it through the computer screen. I’ve found so many uses for this product since I received it. Here’s a list:

  1. As a foundation primer that mattifies and smooths skin.
  2. As a way to touch up your makeup after you make a mistake and there’s streakiness in your base.
  3. As a way to keep your skin from getting oily or shiny on no makeup days.
  4. A lip primer.
  5. You can use this to set your makeup instead of setting powder and it works just as well without the cakiness.
  6. A transition between cream products.
  7. A substitute for setting powder on set when the model or actor’s skin gets shiny. Instead of layering powder all day that accentuates wrinkles and pores, this just smooths and mattifies skin.
  8. Subtle brightening and color correction.

Here’s a photo of my bare skin before and after patting on AutoMatte with a sponge. I’m using a ring light.

The difference is subtle, but you can see it smooths texture and pores, fills in some of the bigger pores and scarring on my nose, and brightens my skin. It even takes away some of the blueness of my under eye. It makes a difference on how my bare skin feels throughout the day too. I get less oily and red.

The product comes in a compact that flips up with a sponge underneath. The sponge is nice, it’s like a flat version of a beauty blender.

Overall, this seems like a really interesting brand for complexion products. The foundation shades are on levels from light to deep, and each level has 3 versions: warm, cool, and neutral. Every single shade has images with 3-4 different models that have that skin tone, which makes it really simple to find your shade online. There’s also concealers and a primer that doubles as a mixing medium. Sebastien explained to me how he always wants his products to be multifunctional, which makes a makeup artist’s kit lighter with more room to be creative. I love brands that are makeup artist created, because makeup artists have years of experience with tons of different skin tones and types.

This post is not sponsored and all opinions are our own. The product was complimentary for review purposes.

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