Velvette: Brand Profile

Brand Name: Velvette

Located In: Alberta, Canada

Price Range: $25 – $28 for the small sizes of the oils, $92 for the largest size of the mature skin nighttime oil.

Shipping: Velvette offers free shipping for all orders over $100 to Canada and USA! For any orders to Canada and USA under $100, they charge a flat rate shipping charge of $7. For international orders outside of USA, they charge a flat rate of $40. Check out their Shipping page for more information.

Best-Sellers: Their Normal Skin Night Face Oil, with their Premium Hair Oil close in second.

Products to Check Out: the Hair Oil was life changing for me, it made my hair so soft and frizz free.

Other: Toxin free, Cruelty free, and Vegan!

Our Review:

I met the Velvette co-founders at the NYC Indie Beauty Expo this past August, and ever since have been using their oils and loving them! This brand profile has taken me forever to write, but Velvette Oils have become a part of my every day routine and my skin is so thankful for them, so I wanted to put the time and attention this review deserved.

Thank brand was founded in 2017 by sisters Jenny and Joyce Tse, inspired by Jenny’s sensitive, acne prone skin and Joyce’s background in Chemical Engineering. Their combined use of both personal and scientific information let to the development of Velvette – a brand that creates beautiful and luxurious oils for every skin type, as well as hair and body oils. They noticed that so many skincare oils had fillers and silicones, so they made theirs with 100% all natural and organic ingredients. They researched over 200 plant derived oils in the process of formulating, and found the 20 most effective ones to use in their products.

I’ve had dry, eczema prone skin my entire life, but up until 2 years ago, I would never consider putting oil directly on my face. In fact, I would withdraw from that idea quickly like I just touched something burning hot. In my mind oil = acne, and I wanted my face to be the opposite of oily at all times. This lead me to strip my skin with salicylic acid cleansers and harsh AHAs instead of nourishing my skin, which of course made my skin much worse. It wasn’t until I dove into the world of skincare and indie beauty that I discovered that some oils are amazing for your skin, and my ability to control my eczema without harsh steroid creams and sometimes even injections became much better.

When Velvette reached out to me to meet them at Indie Beauty Expo in NYC, I was beyond excited because I hadn’t seen a brand like theirs before. When I met Joyce and Jenny, I asked them their routines and when they apply the oils, and they told me that they literally only cleanse their face and apply the oils and that’s it. Both of their skin was stunningly clear and glowing, so even though I found their lack of routine a bit strange, I started to incorporating the Dry Skin Day and Night oils into my routine, as well as the hair and body oils.

In terms of Eczema, every winter since discovering skincare, my symptoms are less and less. My skin tends to ‘freak out’ as the cold season approaches, but this year, everything has been pretty okay so far, except for an annoying few spots on my eyelids, of all places. I really do believe that these oils have made a huge difference in my skin, both on my face and body, and even my hair. The first time I ever used the hair oil, I actually had multiple co-workers approach me wondering if I had cut, chemically treated, or changed my hair in some way because it was so different, but the only difference was adding literally 2 drops of that oil to the ends of my hair after a shower. I have long, thick, wavy hair, and it also can get dry at the ends and become frizzy, or loose its texture. With all the oils I’ve tried from Velvette, I feel that my skin or hair ‘drinks’ the oil, which sounds weird, but it just absorbs and softens so quickly. It’s like when after a long, hard workout outside in the sun, you drink a big ol’ glass of water. I’ll talk about the individual oils next!

The Dry Skin Daytime Oil is lighter than the nighttime oil, and sinks into my skin the quickest. It has a pleasant, light, herbal smell, but not to a point of being irritating. I actually put my makeup on right over it, as the founders suggested as a way to make my foundation more glowy, and it works perfectly. I have no issues with makeup patchiness or difficulty applying makeup after using this oil in the morning. On the contrary, it makes my skin look more natural and fresh.

The Dry Skin Nighttime Oil is the one I’ve been going HAM with overly applying because, as weird as this sounds, it feels so good! It smells awesome, like a slightly herbal scent of lavender, the universal clean yoga class smell. I feel that this one is heavier and more emollient than the daytime version, and I really love to pile it on because when I wake up, my skin is so soft and glowing.

The Premium Hair Oil is the one that had the biggest instant impact and really set the standard for the brand. Like I said, the first time I wore it, I just applied 2 drops of the Premium Hair Oil to the ends of my hair after a shower and then went to bed. The next day, my hair was so soft it was almost weird. I couldn’t stop touching my hair and playing with it, it’s like after I got a haircut and blowout and my hair feels like an angels wings. I get so many compliments on my hair now, and this smells really nice but not overly scented.

The final product I’ve tried is the Essential Body Oil, which has become a staple for me as the weather gets colder. This is intensely hydrating with a light woodsy, citrusy scent that I love. This is mainly jojoba oil with other key ingredients like Lemongrass and Ho Wood essential oils and Camellia. I find this absorbs faster than most other body oils I’ve tried and leaves no sticky, oily residue behind.

Overall, I love this brand, and find them to be completely unique to any other skin oils I’ve tried. They’ve really changed my opinions on not only using oils in my skincare routine, but also that my skincare routine can be just as effective, if not more effective, if I use fewer products that are targeted to my skin. I’ve really cut down on the amount of products I pile on my face, as I find these to be enough to hydrate and brighten. The premium hair oil stole the show for me, but I loved every single thing I tried. Another important thing to add is that for each of these products, I really only use about 2 drops for my face and hair, and one pump of oil for my legs and torso, another for my arms, neck, hands, and back. A little goes a LONG way with these oils. I’ve had the mini travel bottles since August, and I’m not close to being done with any of them. They are on the pricier side, but I thing that the tiny amount you need to use puts it on par price wise to other serums on the market. The packaging is also beautiful and luxe, and can most definitely be reused after you finish a bottle. They’re solid glass, but aren’t breakable (I’ve dropped mine many times with no breaking). I will continue to use these products, as my skin and hair have improved noticeably since I started using them!

These products were gifted for review but that does not change my opinions on this or any product. The links in this article are affiliated and we earn a small commission if you use them to purchase from this brand. You can use code INDIEMOOD for 10% off at

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