Clove + Hallow’s concealer is a clean, vegan, and cruelty-free dupe for the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. 

Clove + Hallow’s concealer is a clean, vegan, and cruelty-free dupe for the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. 

Brand Name: Clove + Hallow

Brand Location: Orange County, California

Price Range: Their makeup products range from $22 (bronzer) to $39 (6-pan pressed pigment palette). They also have a line of skincare products starting with lip treatments at $16 to a trio of their hero skincare products for $86.

Our Favorites: Their highlighter really blew me away. As a cream highlighter, it blends flawlessly with other cream and powder products without disrupting the makeup underneath. 

Bestsellers: Their concealer is a hit. With a diverse shade range, stunning blendability, and the ability to cover the darkest of undereye circles, we’re not surprised. When it comes to their overall bestseller of all time, their Everything Oil takes the prize. The founder says it’s thanks to the shift to skincare during the pandemic that helped bring attention to their skincare products. 

Things to know: Clove + Hallow is woman-founded, vegan, and cruelty-free. They aim to deliver affordable luxury products with clean ingredients. Every product has 15 ingredients or less. All Clove + Hallow products are packaged as sustainably as possible, many of them are refillable or glass. 

About the Brand

As a makeup artist, Clove + Hallow founder Sarah Biggers-Stewart knew that there was a big gap in the market for a clean beauty brand that was both effective and inclusive to many shades and skin types. As a makeup artist who comes from a science and engineering background, she was the perfect candidate to introduce an innovative new beauty brand to the world. In 2017, Clove + Hallow was born! 

The brand holds advocacy at the center of its mission. From day 1, they created products with people of all skin tones, genders, and ages in mind. A portion of their proceeds goes to Racial Justice and Equality non-profits like The Loveland Foundation, The Gateway Center, and  NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund. Biggers-Stewart is also open about her struggles with mental health and donates a portion of the proceeds to Mental Health America of Georgia. Read about their advocacy and charity partners here.

best concealer of 2021

Clove + Hallow continues to release exciting and innovative new products, including a skincare line and a little sister brand, Clover by Clove, which is a clean makeup brand with affordable prices between $11 and $25 with 15 ingredients per product or fewer, just like Clove + Hallow. This was my first time trying any of their products, and here are my thoughts! 

Product Reviews

I’ll review the three products I’ve tried one by one. 

Clove + Hallow Conceal and Correct Concealer Review

Clove + Hallow’s concealer has an award-winning formula and a diverse shade range. The 14 shades in the lineup come in a variety of undertones, so it’s easy to find the perfect match for you. It’s labeled as medium coverage, but in my opinion, it’s pretty full coverage without caking or creasing. 

The formula is creamy and easily blends into the skin or with other makeup. Its doe-foot applicator makes it easy to apply without overdoing it. I always recommend applying less concealer than you think you need, in small dots with the doe-foot, then blend with either a brush or damp sponge. 

Concealer Coverage and Texture

To show you an example of the coverage, I put a dab of the concealer in shade 01 over one of my tattoos. This is what it looks like right out of the tube and after it’s been lightly blended. This is on my wrist so it’s slightly lighter than my face, but I think it’s a great way to see what the consistency and coverage of the Conceal and Correct Concealer.

I’ve been searching for my perfect concealer for a long time, and I think I found it. To be honest, I don’t normally seek out clean beauty brands because their shade ranges are usually abysmal and their formulation isn’t good. Clove + Hallow breaks the mold by having a clean formulation, wide shade range, and a product that actually works. 

This concealer can be applied lightly or layered and it will not crease. You don’t need a ton of powder to set it. These days, I apply it under my eyes, down my nose, and around my nose and mouth and blend it outwards without any foundation. This evens out my skin tone and areas of redness with a natural finish and feels like I’m wearing nothing. Sometimes, I even skip setting powder and go straight to applying quick contour, blush, and highlight. It doesn’t transfer or smear or crumble in any way. I think we may have found our indie holy grail concealer!

Clove + Hallow Glow Skin Cream Color Highlighter Review

If you want to glow like the light of the sun lives within you, this is your highlighter. The biggest complaint about highlighters is when they have glittery pigments in them. There’s no glitter here, folks. Just pure, dewy, healthy sheen. This cream highlighter comes in two shades: Ripple and Ray. Ripple is a pinkish champagne color and Ray is a bronze shade. 

Will it work on all skintones?

They both have translucent bases so they could both work for a variety of skin tones. As a makeup artist, I could see these working in so many different ways. Ray could be a glowy bronzer for lighter skin tones and Ripple could be a dewy, editorial eyelid shade or a drop of moonlight on the cupid’s bow for deep skin tones. 

I’ve been using this highlighter in the shade Ripple for a month and find myself reaching for it every time I apply makeup. It’s a large pan and it fits into Clove + Hallow’s reusable compact. All their pan products, including their bronzer, blush, and pressed mineral foundation all fit into the compact and can be easily refilled. The highlighter has jojoba and rosehip oil in it, two of the most sensitive skin-friendly and non-comedogenic oils out there. It melts into your skin flawlessly and leaves you looking healthy and glowy. It’s a new favorite of mine, I hope they make more shades in the future! 

Clove + Hallow Flexlash Mascara Review

Clove + Hallow’s Flexlash Mascara is a clean formula that does not clump, crumble, or crunch. It’s eye-safe and ophthalmologist approved. The short brush makes it easier to coat each lash evenly, and the formula definitely holds a curl. 

Out of the products I tried from Clove + Hallow, this one wasn’t my favorite. I’m a very tough critic when it comes to mascara. This one checks all the most important boxes for me: it doesn’t clump or crumble. I have trichotillomania, which is a symptom of anxiety that causes me to pull at my eyelashes and eyebrows. If mascara is clumpy, it makes the urge 10000x stronger. 

The Pros and Cons of the Flexlash Mascara

That being said, this mascara, as with many other clean formulations I’ve tried, is not waterproof and takes a very long time to dry down. If you have watery eyes or cry, you will have mascara running down your face like a high-schooler who was stood up by their prom date in the 1980s. I’ve poked a little bit of the mascara in my eyes by accident a few times while applying it, and it stings really badly. Also, if you have watery eyes and get it in your eyes, it will burn and make them water more and just make a mess. 

This is, in my experience, an unavoidable reality if you want to use clean formulated mascaras. Whatever is in mascara that makes it waterproof is probably not good for you. The closest I’ve found to a clean beauty brand’s mascara that actually works and doesn’t smudge or run is the Ilia Limitless Mascara, which won a 2020 Indie Mood Award. I like the Clove + Hallow mascara for every other aspect except the running issue. If you use it, my only advice is to use a small amount and apply it very carefully. If you want to layer it, allow it to dry between coats. 

Final Thoughts (Spoiler – The Concealer is My New Holy Grail!)

Overall, I really loved the products I tried from Clove + Hallow. I love that many of their products are either in sustainable glass packaging or fit into refillable compacts to reduce waste. In the clean beauty world, products are often very subtle, not effective, and do not cater to a variety of skin tones. Clove + Hallow has high-performance products I would feel comfortable using on set as a makeup artist. They’re effective, pigmented, and have great shade ranges. I especially love the concealer, and continue to reach for it daily.

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