Witches Will Love This Zero Waste Beauty Brand

Félin Lune Apothecary creates beautiful zero waste alternatives to bath and body products.

Brand Name: Félin Lune Apothecary

Brand Location: Orange County, California

Price Range: $2 – $8 for sample sizes of products, full sizes products range from $11 for 2oz. jars to $18 for 4oz. jars up to $25 depending on the product. Overall very affordable!

Our Favorites: Their shampoo and conditioner bars have captured both Liv and Giulia’s hearts. Liv also now exclusively uses their Litha deodorant paste, it’s the best.

Bestsellers: Their shampoo and conditioner bars almost always sell out immediately, along with their Solis Facial Cleansing Bar.

Things to know: Félin Lune Apothecary is an AAPI and woman-owned brand. They’re small-batch, hand-crafted, and as close to zero waste as possible.

2 Year Anniversary Celebration!

On September 14th, 2021, Félin Lune Apothecary will be celebrating its 2-year brand birthday! They will have a site-wide restock of all their favorites along with a new product release: Calendula Ceramide Facial Cream. To celebrate, the brand will be including some exciting gifts with purchase: all orders will include discount code scratch cards ranging from 15% to 40% off your next order, enamel pins for the first 50 orders over $25, and deluxe samples! Use affiliate code INDIEMOOD for 15% off your order!

Brand owner Elizabeth Vu with tons of beautiful Félin Lune products

On to individual product reviews

Solis Zero Waste Facial Cleansing Bar

zero waste solis face wash
Solis Solid Face Wash

Solis is a gentle facial cleanser in bar form to reduce waste. It’s PH-balanced to cleanse without stripping your face of moisture. With anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric and ginger, this cleanser is soothing and purifying. 

This has quickly become my favorite cleanser. I have dry, sensitive skin and this is just clarifying enough without drying or irritating my skin at all. It lasts a long time and takes up way less space on my bathroom counter. It’s perfect for all skin types, sensitive and dry included! 

Sweet Litha Pit Paste

zero waste deodorant paste

Félin Lune’s pit pastes are aluminum and baking soda-free while still keeping you dry and smelling great. They’re formulated with arrowroot powder and coconut oil that hydrates the delicate skin of the underarms while still absorbing moisture. 

I’m a natural deodorant convert and this product is part of the reason why. I used to vow never to wear natural deodorant because the few times I tried it, it seemed to make me sweatier and stinkier than ever before. Thanks to formulations like these and other favorites, like the one from Dirt Witch, I’ve been using natural deodorant for almost a year now without the sweaty or stinky issues from before. 

Félin Lune’s scent Sweet Litha is stunning. I actually used up the smaller tin I had and bought a big jar because I love it so much. It’s a blend of sweet orange peel oil, lime peel essential oil, grapefruit essential oils, and a bit of herbiness from galbanum and bachu leaf essential oils. I’ve found since using it I don’t have the same issues I had before with razor burn and irritation in my underarms. 

If you’re transitioning from aluminum antiperspirant deodorant to natural deodorant, Félin Lune also has an armpit detox mask available to get you started!

Wolfsbane Acne Healing Potion 

zero waste acne treatment

This tincture combines natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients like calendula hydrosol, arnica, willow bark extract, and witch hazel to soothe, heal, and prevent breakouts. It comes in a glass bottle with a metal lid, making it totally zero-waste. You can use a cotton round or q-tip to apply the product to the breakout area. 

This product is a new favorite of mine because it’s gentle enough to use with my dry skin but still effective against acne. It’s powerful, so you only need to apply a little bit directly to the spot, which will make this bottle last a long time. It works great with deep cystic acne. I apply this to the spot with a cotton ball, wait for it to dry, and then apply a hydrocolloid acne sticker, like these ones from FaceTory. (They currently have a promo for free zit stickers if you just pay shipping!) With this combo, the spot are greatly reduced after just one night. There are no magical cures to acne, but this product gets pretty close. It’s a non-irritating, zero-waste, natural acne medicine that actually works. 

Hazy Rose Zero Waste Shaving Bar 

When it comes to zero waste skincare alternatives, Félin Lune has thought of everything. The Hazy Rose Shaving Bar is a luxurious bar with a creamy lather of shea butter, coconut oil, and rose clay. This is a hydrating alternative to traditional shaving foams or creams. 

I love this shaving bar because it protects and hydrates my skin when shaving, but it’s not too thick or frothy, so I still get a smooth, close shave. It smells great and leaves my skin with a silky feeling. I use this almost every day and have barely made a dent on the bar, so one bar lasts a really long time! 

Rose Zero Waste Conditioner Bar and Shampoo Bar

When it comes to solid shampoo and conditioner bars, I’ve tried many different varieties. Félin Lune’s solid conditioner is hands down the best I’ve tried. Not only is it zero waste, but it’s better than any conditioner I’ve tried, whether in a bottle or in a bar. It smells amazing and allows me to detangle my super long, thick, curly hair which is a feat in and of itself. I let it sit in my hair for a few minutes in the shower for an extra boost of hydration. Along with their low waste leave-in conditioner, their conditioning products leave your hair feeling moisturized for quite a while. And you only need the smallest bit of their leave-in. I find that it works into my hair quickly and my hair absolutely loves it.

Their shampoo bar is also one of the best we’ve tried. It lathers up quickly and you only need the tiniest bit. It also spreads easily and doesn’t leave your hair with that hard feeling it can get sometimes with solid hair products. (Of course, this also can be a product of what water you have, but I tried this shampoo bar along with others with the same water and this was definitely at the top of my favorites list because it didn’t leave my hair with that squeaky texture.) I actually completely used mine up and will definitely be repurchasing it!

Coven Soap Bar

Félin Lune’s handcrafted, cold-processed soaps are available in a variety of scents, but this one is my favorite! It’s scented with sandalwood, sweet berries, and fig leaves, making it the perfect witchy, woody scent. If you know me, you know I love to smell like a witch! 

If you’re looking for the perfect autumn soap bar, this one is for you. It smells like bonfire smoke in the woods mixed with the old books and candles. The scent is strong enough that having this in your bathroom and washing your hands with it is enough to leave a lingering smell of earthy amazingness. 

Final Thoughts

Félin Lune Apothecary has quickly become a favorite for both Liv and Giulia. Aside from their products being aesthetically beautiful and sustainable, they’re also effective and smell amazing. I will continue to repurchase their pit paste and conditioner bars as new staples in my daily personal care routine. Everything I’ve tried from them has been wonderful. I look forward to continuing to watch the brand grow and expand their product line!

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