Wyther: Brand Profile

  • Name of Brand: Wyther
  • Where the brand is based: Grand Rapids, Michigan 
  • Price Range: Perfumes: $6 (2ml) – $58 (15ml)
  • Shipping Information (international? Free shipping?) Ships internationally through Etsy. 
  • Product they are most known for: Wyther is popular for beautiful handmade jewelry with natural stones, crystals, and stunning beadwork.  
  • Secret best seller:  Wyther just released their first line of perfumes, and they’re unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  
  • Cruelty free? Natural brand? All of Wyther’s perfumes are 100% natural and botanical.  They’re hand blended fragrances made from resins, essential oils, extracts, and absolutes.  Many of the ingredients are organic and/or wildcrafted, meaning they are sourced from naturally growing biomes in ethical amounts so as to retain the integrity of the ecosystem. All ingredients are sustainably sourced to ensure safety and ethics are at the forefront of collection process. (Directly from Wyther’s FAQ on their Etsy Page) 
  • Newest product: We actually have a very cool exclusive first look at two new upcoming scents.  The scents are created in combination with a new jewelry collection, to offer a full sensory experience.    
  • Our review of the brand: 

As a disclaimer, we were sent these samples to try as PR.  I have been wanting to try out this brand’s perfumes since they caught my eye.  They were one of the first followers we had on our Instagram, and I’ve been stalking their pretty green witchiness ever since.  My expectations were beyond reached,  and I had high expectations.  Like I mentioned before, these fragrances are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  There is an intense natural essence to them, like I can smell the rawness and greenness of the fresh foraged plants and herbs.  If you’ve ever seen the movies the Blair Witch Project or the VVitch, I feel like these fragrances could be the olfactory accompaniment.  Strap in, because I have a lot to say about these babies.  I’ll save the two new surprises for the end.  Here are some gifs from the movies I mentioned to get the vibe going.


So first things first.  Tiffany really set the stage for what I was about to experience with the packaging.  The box was beautifully sealed with a wax stamp, and the contents inside rested on a bed of greenery and ferns.


Each sample was tagged by hand, giving the little package a magical apothecary feeling.  I’m digging it.  Now I’m going to go scent by scent and dive into a more complex review.


Site Description:

NOTES: Incense, Oud, Rare Woods, Cooling Herbs, Carnation, Old Roots, Nagarmotha


The scent of curses cast in the dark of night, frosty air chills your lungs, herbs stoke your power, and incense burns as you channel your energy, focusing your intent.

In the Bottle:  Instantly in love.  This immediately hits me with the familiar sweet incense of a witch shop, paired with campfire smoke.

Wet on the Skin: This has instantly become a favorite for me.  As a practicing witch, this fragrance smells like witchcraft to me.  Sweet incense and oud rule this one.  A good comparison for those familiar with Sixteen92’s general catalogue is Salem.

Dried Down:  Warm and sensual incense.  The oud and sweet wood is so beautiful and deep.  This is a scent that envelops you in the best way possible.

Overall Impression: The first day I wore this, I went to the store by my house to buy fruit, and the store owner got so excited.  He said I smell like women from the country he’s from in the Middle East, and immediately knew it was Oud.  He also said, if I keep wearing it I’m gonna get an Arabic husband (exact quote).  This was after an entire day of work, 8+ hours after putting it on.  This fragrance has decent throw, is very memorable, and absolutely beautiful.

Baba Yaga:

Site Description:

NOTES: Resinous Ancient Amber, Russian Fir, Wild Grasses, Ancient Herbs, Cedar Heart, Wood Smoke, Lapsang Souchong, Leather


Through the copse of evergreens you spy an old crone with iron teeth retreating into her strange stilted house. Upon closer inspection you see that what you thought were stilts are actually chicken legs? Curiosity has the best of you and you move to follow her inside, crossing the sacred threshold as she turns her metallic smile and hardened gaze upon you. You are in her domain now.

In the Bottle: Spicy woods and incense.  A dry but sultry scent.

Wet on the Skin: Something familiar but I can’t quite place it.  The incense they burn at a Catholic Mass.  Again, strange herbs.  But each ‘strange herb’ note for each fragrance is different.  I wish I had a better vocabulary for these notes but as I said earlier, these fragrances are unlike anything I’ve tried before.

Dried Down: Warmer, woodier.  I can smell the smoke and ash from burning wood, but also a frozen forest of fir trees.  There’s also the more human smell of amber and leather.

Overall Impression:  This scent accomplishes exactly what it describes – it paints a picture of old and ancient power, dark witchcraft in the woods.  The longer it fades into your skin, the deeper and warmer and smokier it gets.


Site Description:

NOTES: Moss, Soft Woods, Forest Ferns and Dirt, Crushed Wild Violets, Moonlight

CLASSIFICATION: Fresh, Green, Mossy Woods

Drawn out into the verdant green Spring forest, lured by moonlight and an innate feeling of magick to come. Wild violets and plants crush underfoot as you enter a moonlit clearing with a soft bed of moss at the center…

In the Bottle: Very green and fresh.  It smells like a pond in a meadow in a summer, with lots of wild herbs.

Wet on the Skin:  This is such a unique smell, it smells like some rare magical herbs that you have to journey through a dark forest to find.  This is the definition of green.

Dried Down:  This becomes more complex and interesting as it dries down and warms into the skin.  I get the sense of walking through the woods at night, which is why I feel the ‘moonlight’ note makes sense.  It also gets slightly more floral as it dries.

Overall Impression:  I absolutely love this scent.  If you’re not used to very natural smells, this fragrance might be a bit different to you.  I used to be a camp counselor for a summer camp in the middle of the woods in Minnesota, and this perfume reminds me of the dark moonlit walks I would take at night with my friend.  I can actually hear the pulsating buzz of the bugs as I smell it.

The two unreleased scents!!


Description from Tiffany:

NOTES: Cassia, Carnation, Sandalwood, Immortelle, Autumn Woods


In the Bottle: The sandalwood is very apparent, along with a deep, syrupy scent that I can’t quite place.

Wet on the Skin: Gosh, the sandalwood is pretty in this.  There is a sweetness but darkness to this.

Dried Down: I mean this in the best way possible, but the wood notes in this remind me of the bulk wood shavings you get for hamster cages.  Or freshly sharpened pencils.  The sandalwood adds a sexiness, and the floral carnation is apparent but in the background, not headachy at all.  I love the cassia in this, it adds a spice and warmth that really brings everything together.

Overall Impression:  This is a spicy, sexy scent.  I almost said unisex, but I feel like all these fragrances, and all fragrances can potentially be unisex.  This one in particular doesn’t lean particularly feminine or masculine, though.


Description from Tiffany:

NOTES: Madagascar Vanilla, Blond Woods, Aged Tobacco, Iris Root, Warm Honey


In the Bottle: YUMMM this smells like pure vanilla when you pour that little teaspoon into your cookie batter.

Wet on the Skin: The vanilla fades so beautifully into harmony with the rest of this scent.  The tobacco gives this scent a ‘warm hug’ type of vibe.

Dried Down: I want to drown in this scent (in a good way).  This is the olfactory equivalent to your favorite old sweater, warm and safe, but also still looks sexy as hell on you.

Overall Impression: Ugh.  This is a wrist sniffer.  It just smells like safety, warmth, and cuddles from someone you love unconditionally.  I never like gourmands, but this is not too ‘foody’ or overly sweet.  Another new favorite.  Also, honey notes tend to make me gag a bit, but this one actually smells like honey.. what is this sorcery.


I think you can tell by reading this review that I’m Wyther’s newest stan.  I feel like the witchy aesthetic is a little bit overplayed, but Wyther does it in such a raw, real way.  I actually feel the influence of hedge witchery, and a deep knowledge of herbs and botanicals.  I also feel like these are little works of art in scent form, they’re so well blended and unique.  I had so much fun reviewing these and taking photos of them.  Thank you so much, Tiffany, and I can’t wait to see what you create in the future!

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