Yaass Glitters: Brand Profile

Please note: These items were sent to us for review. All opinions are our own.

Brand Name: Yaass Glitters

Brand Located In: Winterville, North Carolina

Price Range: $3.99 (single eyeshadow) – $9.99 (magnetic palette) – they feel strongly about keeping their prices affordable and accessible!

Shipping: They ship to the US, Canada, and the UK, and hope to add more countries as they grow.

Best Sellers: Currently, their bestseller is their single shadow Bahama Mama, but their palettes Swoon and Glam + Glitz are close behind.

Vegan? Cruelty Free?: Statement from the brand: “At this time our products are not vegan since the cosmetic grade glitter is non biodegradable (we hope to change this in the future). We are 100% cruelty free meaning we do not test any of our products on animals.”

Our Thoughts:

I really enjoyed playing with all the products, they fueled my creativity and were fun to play with. They have so many shadows and glitters at such an affordable price, and we love a good affordable brand. I’ll review product by product.


Matte: Yaass Glitter’s Matte formula is super buttery and pigmented, just what you want a matte to be. They’re soft and one tap of the brush fully loads it with color. Peachy Keen, Pumpkin Latte, and Basic are really awesome setting and transition shades for a huge variety of looks and skin tones. Pumpkin Latte is the perfect transition for any warm look. My only issue with these is that they’re so pigmented, you have to blend a lot for them to look seamless. This level of pigmentation can lead to skipping with brighter shades like Ocean and Kiwi. This just means that they need a stronger hand when blending, along with a bit of extra time and finesse to make them work.

Shimmer: Autumn and Atlantis seem to be a totally different formula than Ember. I would describe Autumn and Atlantis as a foiled shimmer, and Ember as a satin shimmer. I LOVE Ember. It’s so soft and blendable, while being luminescent and bright, so it really works great for a warm smoked out look. Autumn and Atlantis aren’t my favorites in terms of shimmer formulas, but that comes down to personal preference. They have more of a glittery, chunky feel. They’re very creamy, but so metallic that they need to be built up to have the color be even. These are for people that love a more glittery metallic shade.

In this photo I used the shadows Basic, Kiwi, Moss, Autumn, and Ember, as well as their Precision Liquid Liner.

Liquid Liner

I was surprised at how awesome the liquid liner was for the price point. It’s only $6.99, and checks all my boxes for making razor sharp wings. It has a felt tip that is well saturated with super black pigment, with an extremely fine tip. The flow is great, and it’s super easy to make lines without skipping. This lasts all day, without fading or cracking. My eyes have been tearing a lot lately because of allergies, and this doesn’t bleed or react to a bit of moisture.

Gold Leaf

I was SO excited to receive this and immediately had so many ideas for using it in editorial looks! This pack of gold leaf is only $4.50 and comes with a ton! With all the gold leaf I used for the look below, I barely made a dent in the bag. You apply this with makeup adhesive, whether that be lash glue or spirit gum if you have it (just make sure you also have spirit gum remover). To remove this when I was done, I used cellophane tape to peel it off easily instead of picking it off or having to oil cleanse over and over. Here’s a look I did with the gold leaf and the shadow “Ocean” that was inspired by the Greek Legend of King Midas, who had the ability to turn everything he touched to gold. This was Giulia’s idea!


I had a lot of fun playing with these products, and I especially loved the gold leaf and eyeliner pen. These are awesome tools for editorial artistry. Also, as you can see in the image above, the matte eyeshadows are super pigmented, I used ocean to make all the veins. The shimmer shadows weren’t my favorite, but for people who love super glittery shimmers, these are perfect for you. I appreciate the dedication to keep prices affordable, while still having a huge variety of eyeshadow colors. I also LOVE the 9 pan magnetic palette, it’s so fun and sparkly, while also being sturdy. I would feel totally confident throwing this in my makeup bag without fear of it opening up and breaking / spilling all the shadows.

These products were sent to us for review, but all opinions are our own and this post is not sponsored.

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