Yaass Glitters Fantasy Palette Review

Yaass Glitters just introduced their first ever influencer collaboration with Makeup Artist Christa Rice. As soon as I saw this palette, I was in love! As Giulia knows, I had been searching for some perfect periwinkles, as they were missing from my eyeshadow collection. I’m in love with the shade “Filter” from the Lime Crime Venus II Palette, but not enough to repurchase the palette, so I’ve been looking for similar shades for a while. It’s this perfect purple-blue pastel.. but not too pastel.. and not too blue.. slightly muted.. just all around perfect. I love nothing more than a warm brown smokey eye with a burst of color.

I think blue and brown are the perfect pair, and that really shines in this palette. Immediately, Blue Mountain Flower became my favorite shade. It’s a light blue so muted, it’s teetering on grey. The shimmer shades in the palette are truly magical. I’m not a fan of most blue eyeshadows, because they easily turn 80’s or clownish, but not in an intentional or artistic way, just garish. I’m learning now that I can love blue, but only certain shades. Cerulean Blue in this palette is so stunning, it really brings out any flecks of blue or green in hazel eyes. Charmed is also a stunning shade (and yes, inspired by one of Christa’s favorite shows growing up, Charmed). This shade has a bit of a magical shift to it, and really brings a unique shimmer to whatever look you do with it.

The 3 glitters are really high quality, and although I don’t normally love pressed glitters mixed in with other shades in a palette, I love these. I actually haven’t tried Yaass Glitters glitters before, and as their name suggests, they’re awesome. They’re ultra opaque in one quick swipe, and they stay on wonderfully without a primer. Many brands say that their pressed glitters don’t need a primer but these are the only I’ve tried that actually hold up to that promise. Here’s a look I did with the shades Bleu Mountain Flower, Charmed, Cerulean Blue, Blades, and Cinderella.

And here the swatches of the palette. I used swatch stencils from VinylxTelle on Etsy.

Overall, I really love this palette, and over the past month of owning it, I keep going back to it. It’s a color story that I love and haven’t seen before. The glitters are a great addition to this particular palette, since they’re so high quality and the colors are beautiful. There are so many looks one could do with this palette and every single shade performs beautifully. My only criticism is that there are a lot of the purple and blue shimmers, but only one blue toned matte, Blue Mountain Flower. There are so many of the brown mattes, they could’ve switched one for another medium or deep toned blue matte.

This palette was complimentary for review but that doesn’t change my opinion on the products at all.

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