Your Ultimate Guide to Indie Eyeshadows

Indie eyeshadows offer unlimited options of unique shades. Have you ever wanted an eyeshadow palette that didn’t exist? Imagine being able to customize down to every shade, formula, and finish of this eyeshadow palette. With indie eyeshadows, this is totally possible!

There are dozens of incredible indie makeup brands with beautiful single eyeshadows so you can customize your dream palettes. Many of them are hand-pressed with formulas that will take your breath away.

The world of indie eyeshadows can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to eyeshadow singles. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide for pressed indie eyeshadow brands that are amazing. And, as an added bonus, all the brands listed below are cruelty-free!

The Ultimate Guide To Indie Eyeshadows

Devinah Cosmetics

devinah cosmetics eyeshadow

If you’ve ever imagined a shade of eyeshadow, I guarantee you that Devinah, a Latina-Owned brand, has it. They have hundreds of stunning, pigmented shades. I adore their Candy Cakes Collection the most, which is a collection of glittery multichromes in sugary pastel shades. Their extremely brilliant multichromes called Aurora Flares are extremely popular. They also have a core collection of stunning mattes and shimmers, as well as curated bundles. You can use code INDIEMOOD for 20% off if you would like to pick some shadows up! Check out our interview with the brand founder here.

Copacetic Cosmetics

copacetic cosmetics swatches of cruelty-free and vegan eyeshadows

Copacetic Cosmetics, a vegan brand that is Black and Latina-Owned, is a fan favorite, and for good reason. Their shadows are so unique, and they have lots of beautiful flakies and multichromes. They always seem to be before the trend, especially when it came to shifty shadows and toppers. They also have stunning collaboration collections and palettes, like the companion palette in collaboration with @mjones5018. I also love their monthly eyeshadow quads that are a part of their subscription releases. The colors are always so creative and stunning! Use code INDIEMOOD for 10% off Copacetic Cosmetics. Check out our interview with the brand founder here.

Dandy Lions Co Indie Eyeshadows

dandy lion co indie eyeshadow

Dandy Lions Co is a favorite of ours as well as many others, and for good reason! They are LGBTQ+-Owned and vegan. They have beautiful quality hand-pressed eyeshadows in so many colors. Their mattes are especially stunning and come in so many colors that I haven’t seen elsewhere. The gorgeous muted and pastel mattes they offer especially catch my eye. Their prices are affordable while still having a super high-quality product.

Clionadh Cosmetics

Clionadh is one of the most popular indie eyeshadow brands out there. They exploded when they released their stained glass collection, which is a huge variety of multichrome and duochrome shadows. They create some of the most beautiful shifting colors I’ve ever seen in a wide variety of finishes. Their shimmer formula is fantastic, super-reflective, and easy to use! Check out our full review of the brand here and our interview with the brand founder here!

Shine By SD Cosmetics

Shine By SD is a Canada-based Black-Owned brand that makes beautiful shifty, shimmery eyeshadows. Their gorgeous formula is super reflective and easy to use. Their eyeshadows were designed to work on all skintones. They’re vegan and cruelty free, and have colors that would cause your fairy godmother to gasp. Use code INDIEMOOD for 20% off Shine by SD.

Sydney Grace

Sydney Grace has every single eyeshadow shade under the sun, and then some more. They’ve had amazing eyeshadow palette collabs with Mel Thompson and even Temptalia! (We love her!) Their Christmas in July sale is always a blast, including mystery grab bags, discounts, and more.

Emme Cosmetics

Emme Cosmetics is a Canada-based indie eyeshadow brand that makes stunning eyeshadows. They have custom, build-your-own palettes and shades that you won’t find anywhere else. Their shimmer eyeshadows have a glossy, wet look, but last all day. I love their darker multichrome and duochrome shades, like Youniverse and Lotus, for a sultry, editorial glam look. Check out our review and brand profile of Emme Cosmetics here.

Tracy’s Powder Room

indie eyeshadows from tracy's powder room

The award for the cutest pan stamps goes to Tracy’s Powder Room! Their formula is to die for, especially their creamy, glimmering shimmer shades. I fell in love with their Saint Patrick’s Day shades, and that love only grew with their stunning multichrome Valentine’s Day collection, swatched above. They won a Liv’s Choice Award for the 2020 Indie Mood Awards for best single eyeshadow formula. You can use the code INDIEMOOD for 15% off Tracy’s Powder Room!

Terra Moons

Terra Moons Cosmetics is a Latina-owned brand with breath-taking eyeshadows. They took the multichrome game to the next level with their iridescent multichromes and black-based multichromes. Their original duochromes that started it all, Terra Borealis and Dark Matter, are still two of my favorite single shadows ever. They also have a stunning highlighter formula and the open to get them in gigantic pans! Perfect for makeup artists. Check out our brand profile and review on Terra Moons Cosmetics here! The code INDIEMOOD will save you 15% on Terra Moons Cosmetics.

DJ’s Unique Boutique

DJ’s Unique Boutique is a black-owned brand that has beautiful single shadows and palettes, along with tons of other goodies. They have duochrome toppers that transform any look into something magical, like their shade, Mermaid Sparkles. Also, check out their blushes and loose highlighters, and you’ll be a glowing queen. Use code INDIEMOOD to save 10% on DJ’s Unique Boutique.

Eunique Beauty

The name truly fits this brand, because Eunique Beauty is one of a kind. They have the most imaginative collections, and their eyeshadow formula will take your breath away. Do I sound dramatic? Good, because their shimmer formula looks like liquid metal, so if drama is what you’re going for, look no further. Eunique Beauty is based in the UK but ships around the world. We adore their fashion magazine mini palettes, seasonal collections, and beautiful single eyeshadows. Check out our review on their Gelato themed summer collection! They’re black-owned, vegan, and cruelty-free. Use code THEINDIEMOOD to save 10% on Eunique Beauty.

Glaminatrix Cosmetics

Glaminatrix Cosmetics‘ gorgeous shadows are at the top of my list to try. They have a beautiful shimmer formula that is so incredibly reflective. I literally stop scrolling every time they post a new picture. Their gorgeous pastel duochrome eyeshadows – pictured above – are definitely some of the most unique shadows in their line up. I’ve only ever heard great things about their matte formula as well, and their eyeshadow palettes always have beautiful and clearly inspired themes. You can use code INDIEMOOD for 15% off (not affiliated).

Eclectic Beauty Cosmetics

Eclectic Beauty Cosmetics is a Latina-owned brand that takes pigment to another level. Their matte shadows are some of the best, giving you color payoff with a smooth, buttery formula. Their Ofrenda palette is one of my staples! They’re based in Los Angeles and are vegan and cruelty-free. Check out our brand profile and interview with the founder!

JD Glow Cosmetics

JD Glow Cosmetics makes some of the most beautiful eyeshadows present on indie Instagram. Giulia has been dying to try them for a long, long time – they are at the top of her list! JD Glow is Black-Owned, vegan, and cruelty-free. They specialize in making pigmented eyeshadows that show up beautifully on ALL skin tones, and we’re here for that!

Beauty Bar Baby

Beauty Bar Baby has some of the cutest, glowiest, and prettiest eyeshadows out there! Whenever I think of them, I think of fairies and princesses. They have unique collections, multichrome flakies, heart-shaped highlighter pans, and more! When it comes to eyeshadows, they have the most colorful and unique shifting shades ever.

The Collective Cosmetics

The Collective Cosmetics creates stunning shades of indie eyeshadows as a part of their curated collections. Their formula is spectacular, especially their mattes, which are as pigmented as they are blendable. This LGBTQ+-owned brand is co-founded by two friends, and we love their theatrical style and unmatched artistry. Use code INDIEMOOD for 10% off The Collective Cosmetics. Check out our brand profile to learn more about the brand and read more in-depth reviews.

Enchanted Lustre Cosmetics

When I think of Enchanted Lustre Cosmetics, I think of mermaids. This Etsy shop has some of the most popular multichrome single shadows out there, and they even created the first multichrome eyeshadow palette, the Dragon Prism Palette. They have every shade under the sun, and have one of the most creative founders ever, handmaking every product to perfection.

Asgard Queen Cosmetics

Calling all forest faeries! Asgard Queen has stunning handmade products that look like they’re out of Tolkein’s universe. The brand is based in Russia and sells on Etsy worldwide. The handmade eyeshadows sell as singles, or you can purchase one of their stunning palettes with fantasy themes and artwork. They also offer a fully customizable palette, so you can choose your own single indie eyeshadow shades.

Baby Bat Beauty

Baby Bat Beauty has some of my all-time favorite matte eyeshadows. They have tons of single shadow options, from buttery mattes to intense shimmers. They get grungy tones right, so if you’re a goth baddie, Baby Bat Beauty is your place. They also have adorable palettes and loose shadows. Check out our brand profile and swatches here. Use code INDIEMOOD for 20% off Baby Bat Beauty!

You’re an Indie Eyeshadows Expert now!

If you found a new favorite or if we missed one of your holy grails, let us know down below!

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